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CafePress adds new American Apparel T-Shirt to its Line.

I just got off the phone with a representative of CafePress who informs me that (following up on plans it had announced last month) the print-on-demand company is now offering a new line of Junior Jersey T-Shirts, replacing an old line that was not made in the demonstrably sweatshop-free conditions that American Apparel maintans. The shirt is modishly long in its look:

John McCain Loves Bush Heart Junior Jersey T-Shirt made by American Apparel Barack Obama 2008 Blue Circle Jersey T-Shirt, Made in the USA P-E-A-C-E Colorful Peace T-Shirt, Junior Jersey Style made sweatshop-free by American Apparel

I wish that every one of CafePress’ shirt designs were made sweatshop-free, whether by American Apparel, or a garment union, or by a reputable overseas fair trade manufacturer. That’s not currently the case. But CafePress has taken a step in the right direction with the introduction of the American Apparel Junior Jersey T-Shirt line, and it deserves congratulations for doing so. We’re happy to begin offering the Junior Jersey in our CafeShops, right now, today. Should CafePress offer more sweatshop-free goods, we’ll be glad to add them to our catalog as well.

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