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No School Shootings? Bring In the Guns Then!

The Harrold School District, in Wilbarger County, Texas, has never had a shooting. Not once has any student in any of the Harrold schools come into class toting a gun and threatening to shoot people.

So, naturally, the superintendent of the Harrold Schools has decided that teachers need to start carrying guns in order to protect against students.

Rumor has it that the population of Harrold, Texas once might have approached 100, but nobody’s sure about that. Harrold hasn’t even incorporated as a village, and so there aren’t that many students to actually come in and commit a school shooting, but that isn’t the point, says Superintendent David Thweatt. There’s a secondary highway nearby – state route 287 – and sometimes out-of-towners drive on that road, and maybe one of them just might pull into town and walk into the school and try to shoot everybody.

And that’s why teachers in the Harrold Schools need to start bringing guns into their classrooms? You know, I seem to remember that when I was a kid, the students would play all kinds of tricks on the teachers, like hiding their purses, or putting notes on their backs, or sticking things into their pockets. Doesn’t David Thweatt worry about students actually taking the guns from their teachers, and accidentally shooting them off?

If there is any such consideration, no one in the Harrold Schools is mentioning it. Then again, the people in Harrold aren’t the type to go shooting their mouths off. Why bother talking, when everyone knows you might have a gun?

One thought on “No School Shootings? Bring In the Guns Then!”

  1. Lenin says:

    Ya know,i just had a sick thought – we could be labeled as terrorists or whatever and disappeared now that FISA is the law for merely opposing the law!


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