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Why Can’t Tim Kaine Separate Religion and Politics?

Many people are speculating, given that Barack Obama will be campaigning in Virginia later this week, that Virginia Governor Tim Kaine will be Obama’s vice presidential running mate. But, what kind of Democratic running mate would Tim Kaine be?

Unfortunately, it seems that Tim Kaine would be the kind of running mate who would support Barack Obama’s dangerous idea of mixing religion and politics. The mixture of religion and politics has been a disaster in the 2008 campaign, from Reverend Wright to John Hagee, from Mike Huckabee to Donnie McClurkin, and right on up to Rick Warren’s dishonesty about the make believe “cone of silence” for John McCain, and the DNC’s snub against nonreligious Americans at the Democratic National Convention.

Yet, Tim Kaine seems to be unable to conceive of a political campaign that doesn’t mess around with religion in this way. In 2005, Kaine proclaimed to Newsweek, “We can’t completely separate politics and faith.”

Why? Why can’t we keep politics separate from the messy and often absurd realm of religion? Is Tim Kaine saying that atheists and other nonreligious Americans can’t be involved in politics? Does Tim Kaine think that only religious citizens can be involved in politics?

Why can’t we have a politics that addresses the needs of all Americans, and not just religious Americans?

4 thoughts on “Why Can’t Tim Kaine Separate Religion and Politics?”

  1. EvilPoet says:

    If you want to get rid of a problem you have to “strike at the root”. If you don’t pull a weed up by the root what happens? It grows back:

  2. Tom says:

    Why anyone would want to court the ignorant, self-serving evangelicals who got us into the mess we’re in now by being all about “values” that the Bush administration basically LIED to them about (but they voted for him anyway – twice) i’m baffled.

    The mix of religion and politics is a toxic one, but even more so is that of corporate ideology/capitalism and politics. The dam is about to break and next year should prove to be VERY ugly economically (especially), socially, environmentally, and on all the issues of “change” we think we’re voting in with Obama. Prepare to be very disappointed, and get used to being hungry, cold in the winter (in your home) and warmer than comfortable for most of the summer (again, indoors), and/or with much less money to spend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For you communists who hate religion and the American way of free market capitalism which is seperate from politics but religous people vote just like nonreligous people do and should. You will be defeated because you seek to change that which has been the American way and be like a failing marxist europe.

    Editor’s note: Cut-and-paste spam segment of comment deleted

  4. J. Clifford says:

    Anonymous, you’re not answering the question, and you’re also not making sense.

    1. We’re not communists. We operate a business, not a state collective.
    2. If mixing religion and politics is the “American way”, then do you support an amendment to the Constitution ending the separation of church and state?

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