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Democrats Promote Disunity With Theocratic Convention

It’s easy to see the contradiction: The Democratic National Convention claims that it is seeking “unity” and “common ground” by holding meetings at the convention with the leaders of tax-exempt religious organizations in order to plan partisan political campaigns and develop an agenda for imposing religious beliefs using the power of government. In the name of unity, the Democratic Party is excluding secular and nonreligious leaders from participating in these meetings in order to represent the interests of Americans who don’t belong to politically powerful churches.

The Democratic “faith-based” plans don’t promote unity. They promote division.

Read a few statements of outrage by rank and file Democrats:


“I find it appalling that the progressive party would set aside the framer’s clearly secular intent and embrace superstition and religious delusion. I am not at all swayed by the argument that the Democrats are simply trying to wrestle Christianity away from the Republican Party.”


“Secular and atheist members of the Democratic Party have not been invited to attend the Democratic convention. It seems that Obama’s message of inclusiveness can only be stretched so far, at least when it comes to issues of faith, or the lack there of.”

PZ Myers:

“I am particularly annoyed by the claim that “Democrats have been, are and will continue to be people of faith” — which I take as a declaration that I can’t be a Democrat.”

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