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God, The Democrats, and the Dark Corners Of Our World

I just got done looking through 101 pages of speeches – the speeches made from the beginning of the Democratic National Convention through about 6:00 PM this evening.

As I read, I noticed a pattern. Again and again, the people giving speeches spoke on a very limited number of issues, making the same kinds of statements with the same kind of language. As the speeches progressed, I saw that a number of very important issues were barely present at all.

Take, for example, the problem of torture of prisoners by the American government. The word torture was mentioned only once.

What about the problem of habeas corpus, revoked under the Military Commissions Act of 2006? Habeas corpus wasn’t mentioned even once. Neither was the Military Commissions Act.

What then, about the constitutional crisis provoked by President George W. Bush’s programs to spy against peaceful, law-abiding political dissidents without any search warrants or any other judicial approval. Warrantless wiretapping was never mentioned in any of these speeches, however – in any form. Neither was surveillance. The word spy was used once, in a quick reference in just one speech to the use of National Security Letters to secretly intrude into the personal lives of Americans under the Patriot Act.

So, when it comes to the attacks by George W. Bush against the liberty guaranteed to us by the Constitution, the Democrats in Denver have been almost completely silent. Do they intend to repair the damage done to our Constitution done by Constitution? I’m not sure. In all those 101 pages, the Constitution was mentioned only twice.

Something else, however, got an awful lot of mention. In the same amount of time, the Democrats speaking at their national convention in Denver mentioned God 53 times.

Will the Democrats confront the effort to destroy American freedom? Will they examine and stop the dark practices our government is conducting in dark places? Apparently not. They’re too busy with their old time religion.

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