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GOP Appoints Blackwell as Platform Vice Chair, Confirming Moral Rot

I read this morning that the Republican Party has appointed former Ohio Secretary of State and former candidate for Ohio Governor Ken Blackwell to be Vice Chairman of its Platform Committee, the committee dedicated to writing the 2008 platform for the Republican National Convention.

Who is going to be leading the effort to write the platform for the Republican Party in 2008? Who is Ken Blackwell?

Ken Blackwell said being gay is like being an arsonist.

Ken Blackwell said he believes in the literal truth of every word of the Bible. I imagine this includes the bit in Exodus 21 where God says that if a male slave won’t leave his wife and family after being freed, he should have his ear run through with an awl and returned to slavery in perpetuity.

Ken Blackwell ruled in favor of the Diebold corporation on an election matter while holding Diebold stock.

Ken Blackwell proclaimed his mission as a politician to save God from the heathen secularists.

Ken Blackwell used the power of his office as Secretary of State to keep one of his campaign opponents off the ballot.

And now it seems Ken Blackwell filtered in half a million dollars for his campaign for state office from the Ohio State Republican Party when by law that money was earmarked for federal candidates only.

Law, schmaw. Ethics, schmethics. Corruption, schmorruption. Privacy, schmivacy. Jesus, schm… no, Jesus gets no schm from Ken Blackwell; he gets a big kiss and a seat in government.

This is the man the Republican Party considers to be a moral exemplar. This is the man the Republicans have picked to write their party platform. This tells you a great deal about the moral status of today’s Republican Party.

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