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Independent Atheists Unite For Mutual Defense

Atheists don’t agree on much of anything, except that they have the right to disagree and disbelieve. Atheists do share in common a belief that they ought not to be made second class citizens in punishment of their disbelief. Sadly, the Democratic Party no longer supports the idea that non-religious Americans should not be excluded and discriminated against. Throughout the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the Democrats have been excluding nonreligious Americans from access to party leaders. The Democratic Party is on the verge of enacting a platform that makes the Democrats a religious party in favor of government funding of churches and other religious organizations.

It’s a small silver lining, but now atheists do share one thing: The need to come together for the sake of mutual defense. We don’t have a political party that will speak up for our rights. We need to speak for ourselves.

And so, a podcast speaking out on this very subject.

9 thoughts on “Independent Atheists Unite For Mutual Defense”

  1. EvilPoet says:

    Whatever happened to this? Godless Americans Political Action Committee (URL: The website hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. Why?

    And What about this? (11-02-02) GODLESS AMERICANS RALLY ON DC MALL, CALL FOR NEW VOICE IN POLITICAL ARENA (URL: WOW. Was 2002 the last time this sort of thing happened? Or have I missed something?

  2. Jim says:

    We were big boosters of the GAMOW in 2002… and that march became a victim of timing, eclipsed by protest against the looming war in Iraq. I don’t think there’s been another attempt since.

  3. Odd Claude says:

    I noticed the same thing, EP. was a creation of American Atheists and they seem to have had some problems – with an interim president coming in and a roof falling apart and such.

    It’s time for me to give them a call today, I think.

  4. EvilPoet says:

    Again I ask, why? You get derailed so you give up? Yeah, that’s really showing them! /snark

    If there is no good answer to why an event like the GAMOW was only attempted one time and then abandoned perhaps it’s time atheists et al. asked: when will we get better representation?

  5. Odd Claude says:

    I think it’s time we provide ourselves with better representation, but to be fair, the job of running an organization to represent such a diverse scattered minority as nonreligious Americans is likely to be very difficult.

  6. EvilPoet says:

    I’m sure that it isn’t easy. I imagine it to be something like trying to herd cats.

  7. Jim says:

    Lori Lipman Brown of the Secular Coalition for America will be showing up on the Colbert Report on Thursday night, trying to bring some visibility to issues of concern to nonreligious Americans.

  8. EvilPoet says:

    Oddly enough, I just read about Lori Lipman Brown being on the Colbert Report and was coming back here to rephrase something I wrote earlier.

    Originally I wrote: “when will we get better representation?” It should read: “when will we get better MEDIA representation?” – I’d say the Colbert Report is a good start.

    In my opinion, we you search the name “Lori Lipman Brown” in the news you should get a lot more results than this…

  9. EvilPoet says:

    Whoops. Correction: when you search the name

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