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Secular Values Voter Guide Helps Confront Faith-Based Corruption

This time yesterday morning, I put up a podcast about the need for non-religious Americans to come together to confront the Democratic Party’s growing embrace of the kind of theocratic politics promoted by George W. Bush.

It just so happens that there’s a new online resource that can help non-religious in this effort. The Secular Coalition for America has put an 2008 Election Resources guide for American voters who still believe in the promise of the First Amendment. The guide tracks the statements and actions of Obama and McCain as they relate to the separation of church and state. Thanks to the Secular Coalition for the effort.

3 comments to Secular Values Voter Guide Helps Confront Faith-Based Corruption

  • Jay Magoo

    In keeping with the Republican approach to getting government out of the business of helping people, and reluctantly acknowledging that people want government to help people, George W. Bush and his ilk instituted their programs which resulted in giving government money to Faith-Based organizations to help people. It ws highly wasteful and cynical in that it was really intended to provide government money to churches, contrary to the constitution’s intent. There have been numerous abuses, but many of the programs are firmly entrenched. To simply stop them would be hugely disruptive and could cost Democrats the election. Some of the faith-based programs are actually obeying the law. Therefore I don’t have a problem with Obama’s continuation of the programs, with a warning that preaching to the recipients is verboten. Eventually we’ll get back to government efficiently doing the job we want them to to, and getting all the preachers and holy-rollers out of it. But it will take time, and hopefully we have a good Democratic administration and Congress in charge by then.

  • Eventually? When, given that Obama and the Democrats aren’t willing to do it? In another eight years?

  • Politicus

    While I understand that some may not believe in God or the Bible, (and in fact there are some who are adamantly opposed to anything Christian or faith-based), I do agree that everyone needs to have their voice heard, and that the first amendment should be valued by all. That is one of the greatest things our founding fathers did, in that they established a system in which all could have their voices heard. They also, however, established freedoms for their posterity (that’s us, by the way) that can only be found in the saving grace of Christ Jesus. You see, they realized that if this experiment in democracy were to be successful, they had to place all their trust in God, and obviously that idea worked for many, many years.

    Now is not the time to disregard our heritage. Get to the polls, and make your voice be heard, whatever your inclinations may be.

    Goodbye, and God Bless America.

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