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Very First DNC Speaker Claims God Working for the Democrats

You know, the speeches given at the 2008 Democratic National Convention are not casual affairs. They’re not idiosyncratic expressions of individual notions. They’re read, re-read and carefully vetted by committees of Democratic Party bureaucrats to ensure that the ideas expressed in them are consistent with the message and tone the DNC wants to convey. So when we find out that the notion of God has been invoked more than fifty times by Democratic convention speakers so far, we shouldn’t assume this is a mistake. No, it is exactly what the Democratic Party has in mind. The Democratic Party wants to become the new Party of God.

That last sentence wasn’t hyperbole. Just as George W. Bush asserted that “God Speaks Through Me” in 2004, and just as Barack Obama confessed his belief that he is the instrument of God’s will earlier this month, now the Democratic Party is putting forth speakers to declare that the Democratic Party is kid-tested, mother-approved … and God-sanctioned.

Don’t believe me? Check out these words from the very first speech before the 2008 Democratic National Convention, given by former Colorado State Senator and current LARASA CEO Polly Baca:

As we embark on this historic occasion, we pray that God will guide us in our decision making…

We ask God to give us the wisdom and the strength to do God’s will…

It is with confidence and faith in the divine that we engage in this effort to meet the challenges our country faces…

God has blessed our party…

We pray for God’s guidance…

May God bless us as we assume our sacred responsibility…

And lest you forget which God they’re talking about, it ain’t Vishnu:

in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

And entrepreneurial evangelical Rick Warren had the audacity to call atheists “arrogant” after his two-hour-long televised religious inquisition of the presidential candidates? Here we have a Christian claiming that the Supreme Ruler of the entire universe (containing scores of billions of galaxies each with scores of billions of stars) has taken the time and attention to bless the Democratic Party, to fill the Party with the right kind of delegates, and to guide the Party toward regaining the White House in the November elections.

Arrogant? Claiming that your political party has been picked out and blessed and guided by the Supernatural Invisible Supreme Ruler of the entire Cosmos — that’s arrogant. It’s bizarre in its disconnect with empirical, observable reality. And yet as people hear this bizarre claim, they seem to let it go in one ear and out the other with no more than a “hum dee dum dee dum” or polite applause. Certainly no news organization has reported on the Democratic Party’s odd claim to be endorsed by the Divine. They’re too busy filing reports on the color of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit.

11 thoughts on “Very First DNC Speaker Claims God Working for the Democrats”

  1. Sam says:

    Ya know…with all these God posts, you sure make it your religion to have no religion…

  2. Jim says:

    No, we make it our business to write about what other people are doing to shove their religion down citizens’ throats.

    How interesting that you’d rather we weren’t doing that.

  3. Fruktata says:

    Sam, why is your God such a freaking Welfare Queen? Really? Why does God need all these freaking government handouts?

  4. Tom says:

    “I hope that no American, considering the really critical issues facing this country, will waste his franchise by voting either for me or against me solely on account of my religious affiliation. It is not relevant . . .”

    John F. Kennedy, 1960 DNC speech

  5. Chris says:

    I am so glad to see that I am not the only one complaining about this. Thanks!

  6. Kai says:

    Well, at least they are not so arrogant as to think that THEY THEMSELVES are the most intelligent, wise and powerful entities in the world!

    Don’t get me wrong. God neither needs nor wants their acclaim or endorsements (worship yes), and he certainly is not offering his endorsement of their agenda as politicians.

    Yes, it is arrogant to assume–for any reason (no reason is good enough), that God is on your side. You only need to ask Bonhoeffer about that.

  7. Horace says:

    Kai, the true arrogance is to proclaim that you belong to a religion that has been given the special endorsement of an invisible, omnipresent, super intelligent cosmic being.

  8. Jim says:

    Who said atheists think they themselves are the most intelligent, wise and powerful entities in the world? It’s a big cosmos, and I’m sure if you asked 10 atheists 8 of them would tell you that there could be all kinds of things out there more intelligent, wise and certainly more powerful than they.

    What atheists lack is theism, which is the surety that there is some kind of God out there ruling over the universe and the pretense to say what the nature of such a hypothetical Supreme Universal Ruler is. Atheists feel more comfortable with ditching the arrogance of theism, the kind of theism that leads people to make up all kinds of shit about what God needs, wants and offers, then assert that it is real.

  9. Kai says:

    Jim and Horace,

    I never said atheists were the ones to think themselves the hottest stuff in the universe…no, but you got awfully defensive about it. Could it be that you get accused of it often and so you are a bit touchy about it?

    I was pointing to a virtue of faith alone. It more often than not leads to a profound sense of humility and an acknowledgment that one has very little power and understanding of our own life, much less the universe as a whole.

    No, it is not inherently arrogant. It is inherently humble.

    Just like anything, it can be twisted and abused. Much like the logic you are using on this site.

  10. Kai says:

    Oh Jim,

    I almost forgot to mention. No devout person with an ounce of honesty would ever, “make up all kinds of shit about what God needs, wants and offers”…just as I hope no scientist would make up data and then “assert that it is real.”

    That is pretty low-brow ad-hominem spew you are offering as logic. Perhaps that is indicative of the quality of debate on this site?

  11. Jim says:

    No, that was a response to you, who a few comments ago made up all kinds of shit about what God needs, wants and offers, displaying exactly the kind of arrogance we’re talking about.

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