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When Exactly Did God Give Us Equality, Mr. Kaine?

At the Democratic National Convention , Virginia Governor Tim Kaine just talked about what he called the “God-given” principle of equality.

Pardon me, but just when did God give us all equality? What year was that? I missed it. I must not have read the newspaper.

The only time that the Christian Bible even uses the word equality is in the Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. That letter was written by Paul, not by God.

I do see that the Constitution of the United States of America, written by human beings, guarantees us equality under the law. God didn’t write that document.

Knock off the “God-given” line, Governor Kaine. When it comes to real equality, no divine being has done jack. It’s up to we the people of the United States of America, through our democratically-elected government, to do that.

This week, in the name of God, the Democratic Party is denying equality to nonreligious Americans. That’s God-given inequality, Governor Kaine.

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