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Palin Says She Will Defend Families With Guns

Sarah Palin’s idea of family life is really weird. Asked in 2006 what her top three priorities for families would be if she was elected Governor, she included “cracking down on” “attacks on our 2nd amendment rights”.

Huh? The second amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects the right to bear arms. Arms. As in weapons.

What attacks against 2nd amendment rights was she talking about? How does Sarah Palin think that the effort to restrict weapons ownership is one of the top three priorities when it comes to having government work to help families?

Sarah Palin didn’t mention anything about improving the economic conditions upon which families depend. She didn’t mention protecting the clean environment within which families live. Palin didn’t even mention improving health care, and without good health care, a family can’t even survive.

No, Sarah Palin thought that protecting the right to own a gun was more important to families than any of that.

I’m not saying that I want to repeal the second amendment or anything like that. But I have no idea at all what makes Sarah Palin think that having weapons around is more important to families than a good economy, a clean environment and health care.

5 comments to Palin Says She Will Defend Families With Guns

  • Tom

    Oh, see this is what makes her so appealing – she’s a gun totin’ conservative with a goofy agenda that is so in line with middle class values! Why doesn’t she start touting Nascar too while she’s at it? What a maroon (ala bugs bunny).

  • Sam

    A well armed national population prevents the government to sieze power uncondidtionally. ie Germany 1936….Soviet Union 1920-1990…China 1946…today…and so forth….so yea, the second amendment keeps our government honest. You think the Government is bad now…image if the NRA and others like that didn’t exist…and the gun ban nuts managed to remove the 2nd amendment…how could you stop a runaway government? What, with an organized protest?

  • Sam, you’re missing the point. How is protecting the right of people to keep weapons a family issue more than the economy, health care or the environment?

    What on earth would lead Sarah Palin to list this as one of the top three family issues?!?

    How are weapons a family priority, Sam?

  • Sam

    The free markets keeps the economy going, so the family issue is how to best manage what that market is doing at the time…the government just monitors it. Health Care is part of the free market. There are many ways to insure families and it is NOT the governments responsiblity to hand the populus health care. Just to make it available, ie the Good Samaritain Laws..(I know a God thing….and the evironment is a personal call…you have to sign on to the hesteria to give a shit….

    And weapons are not a family priority unless you want it to be. Family priorites are a personal choice. Just like you making it a family priority to make sure your kids are not exposed to religious people in school or else where….

  • soren

    Guessing, but maybe it had something to do with being in a hunting state, Alaska? (but I’m in Florida, so what do I know)

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