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Bristol Palin Betrayed By GOP Platform

mother davisMother Davis looks at her calendar and asks,

Did Bristol Palin and her boyfriend use contraceptives? We can’t know for sure. We do know, however, that Bristol Palin’s mother and her church oppose contraceptives, and claim that allowing teenagers access to contraceptives will encourage them to have sex. Growing up with these anti-contraceptive attitudes didn’t keep Bristol Palin from becoming pregnant while still in high school, though.

Whatever the personal problems Bristol Palin had with contraception is less important than the general problems that American teenagers have getting hold of contraceptives. Because of right wing religious Republican policies in place in communities across America, teenagers have an extremely difficult time getting a hold of contraceptives. Politicians from Sarah Palin‘s evangelical wing of the Republican Party put regulations in effect that stop schools from providing contraceptives to sexually active teens, or even from giving teenagers with guidance about how to use contraceptives effectively, so as not to get pregnant or contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Because of these regulations, teenagers have sex without contraceptives, and they get pregnant. Sometimes, they get AIDS and die.

The Republican Party platform passed this week supports this neglect. The platform states, “We support abstinence education and oppose school-based clinics that provide referrals, counseling, and related services for abortion and contraception.”

It’s official now: Blocking access for sexually active teenagers to contraceptives is what the Republican Party stands for. If the Republicans are allowed to keep control of the White House, there are going to be a lot more teenage mothers like Bristol Palin.

Counting the months,
Mother Davis

3 thoughts on “Bristol Palin Betrayed By GOP Platform”

  1. Sam says:

    Mother Davis…Mother…Davis…are you the head of a convent?

  2. Tom says:

    No Sam, she just has some sense of right and wrong, social responsibility and moral courage, unlike you and your Rethuglican party who insist that bombing innocent people and “pre-emptive invasion” is a demonstration of Christian values.
    You and your Party are a bunch of hypocritical lying sacks of shit.

    (Mother wouldn’t stoop to this level, but you and your bullshit ideas and the fact that the party you support has all but destroyed this country SUCK and there’s no two ways about it).

  3. intelligent says:

    Last I checked contraceptives were available at grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart…well just about anywhere! To not encourage sexual activity by handing out contraceptives and saying “it will be OK as long as you use this!” is a GOOD thing. I love the ridiculous leaps in logic in your “writing,” keep it up!!!

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