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McCain Sends Team to Check on Palin's Policies and Past After He Picks Her for VP

The New York Times reveals today that the John McCain campaign has sent a team to Alaska to check up on Sarah Palin’s past, policy preferences and qualifications to be Vice President — the week after he announced she would be Vice President in his administration.

Is this how things will go in a John McCain presidency?

Will McCain bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran and then ask for intelligence to determine whether the nation actually poses a threat?

Will McCain direct the Department of Energy to “Drill Here! Drill Now!” in Washington’s Lafayette Park, then ask for a geological survey to determine whether there is actually any oil beneath?

Will McCain dole out billions of dollars in payouts to American corporations, then bring his economic team into an Oval Office huddle to determine whether they’re needed?

Will John McCain run for a second term in 2011?

We’ve had eight years of a president who prioritizes twinges in his gut over reality-based research. All right, I know, that’s not really fair. I mean, George W. Bush doesn’t know the word “prioritize;” he’d probably refer to it as “when you put above one thing over the other thing in it where I was going.” But anyway, the point is this: can we take another four years of the same?

5 thoughts on “McCain Sends Team to Check on Palin's Policies and Past After He Picks Her for VP”

  1. Sam says:

    No he didn’t…the Lead of the vetting team was in Alaska months ago….this was done under the radar….McCain knew about this because he sent the team up there…and of course the Times get’s it wrong again…and you sucked it up as gospel…

  2. Juniper says:

    Actually, Sam, John McCain’s campaign admits that it’s this way. You got it wrong, Sam.

  3. Jim says:


    In Alaska, several state leaders and local officials said they knew of no efforts by the McCain campaign to find out more information about Ms. Palin before the announcement of her selection, Although campaigns are typically discreet when they make inquiries into potential running mates, officials in Alaska said Monday they thought it was peculiar that no one in the state had the slightest hint that Ms. Palin might be under consideration.

    “They didn’t speak to anyone in the Legislature, they didn’t speak to anyone in the business community,” said Lyda Green, the State Senate president, who lives in Wasilla, where Ms. Palin served as mayor.

    He had his first face-to-face interview with her on Thursday and offered her the job moments later. Advisers to Mr. Pawlenty and another of the finalists on Mr. McCain’s list described an intensive vetting process for those candidates that lasted one to two months.

    “They didn’t seriously consider her until four or five days from the time she was picked, before she was asked, maybe the Thursday or Friday before,” said a Republican close to the campaign. “This was really kind of rushed at the end, because John didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to do Joe or Ridge.”

    The McCain camp is backpedaling its claims about the vetting process. Caught flat-footed, now they’re being caught in deceptions about it too:

    Although The Washington Post quoted advisers to Mr. McCain on Sunday as saying Ms. Palin had been subjected to an F.B.I. background check, an F.B.I. official said Monday the bureau did not vet potential candidates and had not known of her selection until it was made public.

  4. EvilPoet says:

    ALASKA FIRST! YEAH BABY! Sarah puts the sizzle into secession!

    Gov. Palin: McCain’s vice presidential running-mate and soulmate.

    Must see video imo.

  5. Jim says:

    Oh, yeah, baby, you can bet I’m writing up something about #2 right now. It’s the Lord’s Work.

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