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Republicans Threaten To Pollute the Midwest With Red Paint

“We will paint the entire Mississippi Watershed red!” – Senator Norman Coleman

More pollution from the Republicans? That’s nothing new.

“John McCain has a face that says ‘Yes’” – Senator Coleman

John McCain also has a face that says that we have to invade Iraq as quickly as possible because Saddam Hussein has massive arsenals of weapons of mass destruction.

John McCain also has a face that says that George W. Bush is a great President.

John McCain also has a face that says that Sarah Palin should be our Vice President.

4 comments to Republicans Threaten To Pollute the Midwest With Red Paint

  • Tom

    Yeah, and a lot of, a, dolts are going along with it. Same as before – “we gotta win at any cost” – Republican talking points: anyone who isn’t for the war is against America and is a traitor. Never mind the massive layoffs, the higher cost of living, the rip off oil and energy companies owning the government, the fact that the dollar has lost its value, that the debt has ballooned to record levels, that your house is worth less than 8 years ago (and still dropping in value), that Wall Street has become the biggest ponzi scheme in history due to Republican deregulation, that our “watchdog” agencies set up to protect us are now promoting the corporate agenda and no longer work as designed (in fact most are headed by former corporate heads who will return to their industries after “serving”), that we are well on the way to a police state, that our government does NOT represent us citizens any longer and that voting McCain into office won’t change that, that our rights have been seriously eroded and that the Constitution has become irrelevant, and fuck the environment. Just ignore all that and vote Republican – MORE OF THE SAME.

    You’d have to be out of your mind, apathetic, totally ignorant or very wealthy (or very “religious” – but only specifically Christian fundamentalist) to vote for more of this crap.

  • Jim

    No, no, you got it all wrong, F.G.. You misheard. Norm Coleman suggested that the entire Mississippi Watershed be painted by a red-haired Sasquatch for Jesus Christ.

  • BufflowBill

    Oh yes, and don’t forget that the next possible President, Biden said:
    “…In 2002, he said that America had “no choice but to eliminate” Saddam Hussein….”

  • BufflowBill

    But I will say that in all fairness to him,
    Biden is a “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”

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