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Sarah Palin made Alaska Uber Alles Statement on June 8 of THIS year

So some slummy professional journalists have uncovered that Sarah Palin was a member of an Alaska Secessionist Party in the 1990s, a fringe group calling for Alaska to leave the United States of America. Kind of jars up against the whole “Country First” theme of the Republican National Committee, unless you note that they don’t say which country: think of it as the Sovereign Country of Alaska First.

The John McCain campaign is trying to deny all this, but then what’s this statement by Sarah Palin on June 8, 2008?

There’s been so many words, Ed, over the state of Alaska, we being the head and not the tail, and, um, I see things now in the works it seems like, things like, that’s coming to fruition. Things are perculating!

No, that’s not a misspelling. She said “perculating.” Looks like Sarah Palin is interested in a New Order: Alaska uber Alles!

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