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The Empty Convention of the GOP 2008

A week ago, I was amazed at the slack production of the first day of the Democratic National Convention. They had speakers, with bands on the stage, with commercials in between, and some lag time between the commercials.

Well, the Republicans have it even worse. You would think that with one day of the convention almost eliminated, the rest of the convention would run tight and full of content. Not so. It’s even slower than the Democratic Convention. The Republican Convention doesn’t even have live bands, just piped in music from over 20 years ago, playing for the mostly-senior-citizen convention crowd.

The tagline of the commercial that just came on for the people at the convention: We are here. You wouldn’t know it.

Oh, hold on. They’re about to have a speech… in which Sarah Pawlenty is announced as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Oh, these Republicans are sooooo prepared to keep their hands on the leadership of the USA.

Oooh! Oooh! The Republicans are promising to “reform” America, now. Reform America? From the last 8 years of their possession of the White House.

Think about that for a minute now, GOP.

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