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Country First Means Individual Rights Last

As I listened to the Republican National Convention last night, every time the GOP motto Country First came up, I got an itchy, nervous feeling. As the evening went on, that itchy feeling grew worse and worse, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on the place that needed scratching.

Then I remembered the definition of totalitarianism I learned when I was a kid: The country first, and individual freedom last. As the American Heritage Dictionary puts it, under totalitarianism, “the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed”. That describes the Republican approach quite well, doesn’t it?

There’s another aspect to totalitarianism that relates to the Republican motto of Country First: Nationalism. It isn’t just that the Republicans value authority and centralized power. They worship the idea of the nation as well. The Republicans are showing a nationalist ideology in that they regard the worth of their nation as paramount, and the worth of other nations as insignificant. That leads to the kind of foreign policy we’ve had under George W. Bush, in which international law is disregarded and arrogance and militaristic unilateralism replaces diplomacy.

Country First means individual rights come last. Country First means our country’s power is recklessly asserted upon the world stage without considering how other countries will react.

Country First means totalitarian nationalism. That’s what the Republican Party offers American.

I say no thanks. I say human rights first.

1 comment to Country First Means Individual Rights Last

  • michelle

    I found this article through a google search for “nationalism country first.”

    I too got that “nervous” feeling, but for very different reasons. I had a nightmare the night before the unveiling of the “country first” slogan.

    In my dream, a US military/army type person was in my house, trying to take my kids away from me and breaking up the family. I was screaming at the soldier saying, “Stop… I am your mother.” He thought, “No, you’re not my mom.” I screamed, “Stop… I am a mother.” He did not care. I thought about what could I possibly say to dent into his mind controlled following of orders. I said, “God came first.” He did not get it, thought of it like some dirty joke. I said, “God before country” and woke up.

    The next morning, I turned on the tv and saw Palin in front of a podium with the “Country First” slogan and wanted to vomit.

    I am a Ron Paul Republican. I hope you know that means liberty minded, Constitution minded. A true republican, not this nightmare government crap from the past 8 years.

    I do not know this site or the content or audience. But, I am hoping and praying my brothers and sisters of whatever party or affiliation start to turn to God and actually read the Bible. Think of it like a book of laws and rules for keeping peace and a strong family. Anyway, that’s how I see it.

    I see the “Country First” as a complete and utter blasphemy, because you see, God says he comes first and you/me/we should honor / obey NO ONE before him. To put country first is blasphemy. A strong country needs a people with morals and God. Otherwise, the USA is just a thing of the past.

    And, that is what really makes me sick.

    I wish my liberal friends who are Christians would join me and support third party candidates which believe in freedom and the Constitution. That is something I think everybody can believe in and support.

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