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Democrats Definitively Shove Richardson Speech Down Memory Hole

Six days out, the Democratic Party has definitively shoved Bill Richardson’s speech of Thursday, August 28 down the memory hole. The DNC spent nearly a week simply pretending that Richardson didn’t give a speech, not including Richardson’s speech at all in its list of convention speeches.

This morning, I see that the Democrats have finally added Bill Richardson to the list of speakers on their convention webpage. But have they posted the text of his speech, as they’ve done for all other convention speakers? No, they haven’t. They’ve posted the text of the speech he was assigned to give. But he didn’t utter a word of that speech. Bill Richardson actually gave a completely different speech, one that he wrote himself.

The speech Bill Richardson actually gave was the only one during the entire Democratic National Convention to refer to the Bill of Rights. The speech was the only one to refer disparagingly to George W. Bush’s program of warrantless domestic spying. The speech was the only one to demand that the next president not just say he supports the Constitution but actually behave in a manner that supports the Constitution.

The crowd loved it. They cheered wildly at these passages. The Democratic Party, however, was not amused. Apparently the Democratic Party establishment would rather you didn’t know that one of its members supports civil liberty and opposes domestic spying upon your sorry citizen ass. Down the memory hole it went, replaced by the speech Bill Richardson only gave in a fictional alternate universe, one in which the Democratic Party does not control the truth.

And yes, the Democratic Party does appear to control the truth. For all their supposed rigor, not one of our lauded news organizations has printed the actual words Bill Richardson spoke in Invesco stadium last Thursday. No, they printed the speech Richardson was assigned to give, the transcript the DNC sent to them, instead. 220 Google listings are returned for the text of the speech Bill Richardson did not give. Only 1 Google listing is returned for the text of the speech Bill Richardson actually gave.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Definitively Shove Richardson Speech Down Memory Hole”

  1. Tom says:

    Broken government, like a broken steering mechanism: even the supposed “good” gear skips and the whole damn thing pulls to the right real hard.

    So much for change you can believe in, eh?

  2. Jim says:

    4 months later, and still nobody has picked up on and reported the actual words that Bill Richardson actually said. 391 separate websites report Bill Richardson as having spoken words he never actually said… because the Democratic Party has told them that Richardson did say them, and because they’re too lazy to check.

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