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Eagle Forum Takes Palin Questionnaire Down. Here's a Mirror.

Golly gee whizzikers. Sarah Palin’s kooky responses to the 2006 Eagle Forum Questionnaire were so embarrassing that the conservative web site finally took the page down from its site. I have to admit, if I were a conservative and I read that Sarah Palin thinks the Founding Fathers put “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and that Sarah Palin supports abstinence-only sex education despite research demonstrating that it has an effectiveness of zero percent, I’d be turning as red in the face as a sasquatch for Jesus Christ. It kind of undercuts the whole ready-to-be-president argument a scoche.

But this is a questionnaire that shall never die. Nevah! Thanks to a tip from Gary, we’ve been able to scrape a copy from an archive and post a mirror of the 2006 Eagle Forum Gubernatorial Questionnaire here to redden the faces of Bigfoot-loving Republicans until Jesus comes back home to fulfill God’s plan for a natural gas pipeline.

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