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Sarah Palin, How is A Fossil Fuel Pipeline The Will of God?

One June 8, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave a speech at which she declared,

“I can do my part in doing things like working really really hard to get a natural gas pipeline, about a $30 billion project that’s going to create a lot of jobs for Alaskans, and we’ll have a lot of energy flowing through here. And pray about that also. I think God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that.”

jcliffordSarah Palin thinks that a fossil fuel pipeline in Alaska is the will of God.

I think we all deserve an explanation about that. How is it, Ms. Palin, that a pipeline in Alaska is the will of God?

Do the teenage prophets of the Wasilla Assemblies of God church now preach that it is God’s will that the Big Oil companies make extra big profits?

I can’t find that verse in the Bible.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, How is A Fossil Fuel Pipeline The Will of God?”

  1. AT says:

    Why does God always seem to need us lowly folk to carry out his plans? If God wanted a gas pipeline in AK, they POOF there would be one. Why would one pray to God to ask him to carry out his own will? Does God ever act against his own will??

  2. Jim says:

    He’s a little distracted right now with the Morflar invasion at Tao Ceti, OK? Just you try stitching together wormholes while you’re keeping 100 billion galactic centers spinning…

  3. J. Clifford says:

    Actually, I just wrote about this very subject, in relation to the Sam Brownback speech at the Republican National Convention last night.


  4. Fruktata says:

    Golly, but the regular Republican commenters here, like Sam and Jon, just can’t seem to come up with an answer for this one. How IS this gas pipeline the will of God?

    Surely, you guys can try to make Sarah Palin make sense, right? Right?

  5. trish4Palin says:

    “God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies”… this is what the REAL STATMENT from Palin is to me! The prayer request is to “unify the companies”…the rest is a personal desire based on the needs of the area and the positive results that would derive from this taking place!

    Anyone having a Christian belief’s know’s if a prayer was not answered, it was not God’s will.

    Jim, you told me to not assume none of you hadn’t read the Bible therefore since all of you know the Bible, you will recognize the verse that relates to having faith the size of a mustard seed…right?

    Our Political Leaders are in place to make the best decisions possible to the needs of the people and to create order. Better Sarah Palin had gotten her nails done daily than to actually have tried to make a difference???

    Dumb thinking! Wake UP!!

  6. prescotfor palin says:

    Sam and Jon…. I was getting ready to log off until I read #4… #5 was on your behalf if you so choose to receive it! 🙂

    Everyone else… being a Christian doesn’t mean you are perfect and that you know everything or even hate democrats!

    And…not all Christians are Republicans!

    One great thing about being a Christian is knowing that if someone is attacking your belief’s…they are attacking your God! We will be mocked in His Name here on earth however we will be rewarded mightily in Heaven!

    AND we still want everyone, even those whom we have debated heavily with, to know the God we serve!

    Good night!!!

  7. J. Clifford says:

    And, according to Sarah Palin’s church, those of us who do not choose to follow you deserve to be tortured forever, with no chance of escape, under the approving supervision of Jesus himself. Why didn’t you add that part?

    Trish, you sidestepped the issue by pretending Sarah Palin didn’t say that the natural gas pipeline is the will of God. How does Sarah Palin know that the natural gas pipeline is the will of God?

    Is it the teenage prophets of the Wasilla Assemblies of God church? Did they tell her? Or is it that voice in her head?

  8. trishy says:

    JClifford… Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you knew was right for you personally, professionally or otherwise and found out you were wrong?

    I’m not sidesetpping at all. I took her statement for what it was. She asked for people to pray…

    Regarding the “teenage prophets of the Wasilla Assemblies of God”: I think it is wonderful that these teens have a place to go where they can learn and grow deeper in their knowledge for God. How fabulous is it for a church to provide this type of leadership and guidance to teens? Some children are so often left alone or have parents that don’t communicate or really care about them and this gives them a stronger foundation where they can learn about spiritual history and how it relates to the teaching of the Bible they believe!

    I do believe the Master’s Commission supports what the will of God is for the lives of these youth. God says we are to go into all the world and preach His Gospel. This is part of what the Master’s Commission does. According to an article on Master’s Commissions: “students experience God in a life changing way and graduate from Master’s Commission with a strong sense of His direction for their life.”

    Is that really so terrible?

    I am currently dealing with a property I oversee that has 3 gang affiliations on it and I have the responsibility of fixing the problems. They are destroying private property, shooting people, robbing homes and many other things I won’t even go into. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see these young people choose to go through a Master’s Commission program rather than to join a group of law breaking thugs who don’t give a crap about your or my life. They would rather shoot you than look at you twice.

    Being a Christian is striving to be Christ-like. God gave His Son to die on a cross so we may be forgiven of our sins and have everlasting life. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that affiliation? I know I do…as imperfect as I am…Shoot! There is no other choice for me and my hope is for others to receive the same… Even you JC…

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