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Help Me Sum Up: What Makes Palin Appalling?

Sarah Palin is the Vice Presidental pick of John McCain. McCain is no spring chicken, and Palin is next in line, so the question we have to answer isn’t whether Sarah Palin is ready to be Vice President, but rather whether Sarah Palin is the kind of politician you want to be your president.

A great deal of information about Sarah Palin has emerged over the past few days, a great deal of it appalling. I’m trying to sum up, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

That’s a lot of disturbing information. Got anything to add?

14 thoughts on “Help Me Sum Up: What Makes Palin Appalling?”

  1. Sam says:

    What’s distrubing to you…is appealing to many…

  2. Jim says:

    …people who like censorship, want to use government to push their religion on others, confuse their preferences with God’s will, don’t give a crap about homeless teenage moms, and embrace ignorance.

  3. Simone says:

    tuesday my aunt and i looked up information regarding palin and her views on certain subjects, the next day it was gone. I’m glad i found this site.

  4. J. Clifford says:

    It’s so difficult to remember everything – but I think you forgot Sarah Palin’s dedication to having public schools teach Christian Creationist theology.

  5. J. Clifford says:

    There are SO many revelations about the terrible record of Sarah Palin that it’s hard to keep track of it all, but Frank Liberal put these two up on the diaries yesterday:

    Sarah Palin was the owner of two failed businesses: NOT positive executive experience –

    Sarah Palin helped bring in big box stores to compete against the small businesses on Main Street in Wasilla: Not a positive vision for the American economy –

  6. Bob S-K says:

    We should remember that our fellow citizens don’t share our affinity for intellectual curiosity. Sarah Palin is young, perky, and cute. She appears cheerful. When Joe-Blow-Middle-America hears her speak (never mind what she actually says) and sees her on the TV screen, he will then walk into the voting booth and feel good about voting for her.

    I’m not joking. I seriously believe there’s something to this. Image, PR, celebrity, beauty, poise, femininity, eye-candy, etc. It goes a long way with people who don’t care to look more deeply. (And, judging from the last 8 years, such people are not in the minority.)

  7. Jim says:

    Bob, I’m sad to say it, but I agree with you.

  8. Clarence says:

    Item one:

    a budgetary request for five million (up from 1 million the year before)was reduced to 3.9 million by Sarah Palin. Oh my, she only threw over 3x the money to that charity as the year before. What an obvious grinch she is! I can just hear her saying “Have they no poorhouses?” Farther I’ve heard and (I haven’t substantiated it) that there were other programs in the budget for those without food that year. Maybe so, maybe not, but questioning her generosity over a decrease in an increase is pretty pathetic.

    This is your first item. If you can’t do any better research than that, why should I trust any of your other items? I know you disagree with her philosophically, but I really doubt she has the skeletons in her closet the left seems to think she does.

  9. J. Clifford says:

    Bob, I think you take it a bit too far. There are visual cues people work with, yes, but people also work with ideas such as trust. It’s important that we work to demonstrate that Sarah Palin can’t be trusted – not because everyone will remember the logic of our arguments, but because some sense of doubt may remain even among the barely verbal American majority.

  10. EvilPoet says:

    I’ll add this…

    Via America News Project

    Sarah Palin’s Hidden Base: Sarah Palin has something to hide, especially from swing voters: her deep roots and thriving base of support among social conservatives who are thrilled at the prospect of overturning Roe v. Wade, among other things. Palin and the GOP leaders at the 2008 Convention avoid speaking frankly about the social conservative agenda, but ANP got an earful when we spoke with GOP delegates and anti-abortion activists at the convention.

  11. JOAN STOREY says:

    Sarah Palin is a reflection from the very depth of humanities psyche. She is the fraud, the self-delusioned and subservient center that flows from within the fearful sheep that dot the pastures of American Society.

    She is that fragment of the authoritarian culture that patriarchy and right wing religions cast upon humanity. She is the pathology and shadow of non-critical thinking that schools and religious groups have honed to their regimented and abusive blanket of fear.

    Sarah represents in loud and boisterous colors what is a large and yet unhealthy part of America today. She is the sisterhood of the Talibani clothed in righteous rhetoric.
    She is impregnated with intolerance, exclusivity and blind empathy.

    That said…She has no credentials worthy of the office of President or Vice President of the United States. She is a Republican joke played on the less informed American people.

  12. scott says:

    Under bridge to nowhere, add that she kept the $230,000,000 in federal monies she got to do this in spite of deciding not to build the thing. As well as being able to say with a straight face that it was a necessary part of Alaska’s infrastructure.

    Remember when Don Young got in trouble for that earmark for an interchange in Florida? Then, the big fuss was that the money couldn’t be used for anything else. Why is this money different?

    How about thinking it’s fine for her husband to work for British Petroleum even though she has to negotiate with them as governor.

    As an economic conservative, when she was mayor, the town had no debt, but when she left to become governor it had close to $30,000,000 in debt.

    As a pregnant woman, taking a 12-hour flight back to Alaska to deliver her last child rather than go to a local hospital that was only minutes away.

    And don’t even get me started about what kind of uncaring person would take a 2-month old baby into the Republican convention to be a photo op during her speech.

    To correct one thing, I don’t think anyone has shown that she was part of the sessionist movement herself. Her husband was for many years. She provided a video to their last convention supporting them as an important part of Alaska politics.

  13. Tim H. Royal says:

    At last I have lived to see the last vestige of morality and nobilty of our great nation trodden under under the heels of the Republican Barby dolls and their Ken spouses at the Gop. Rep.Con. The mean spiritedness and horrific bile that pours out of McCain and Palin makes me want to hide my head in shame. So Palin is not nicknamed The Pitt Bulll and Barracuda for naught. She embodies all the ugly and vengefull vomit acid that the Rovian methods of assasination can imagine. Karl Rove helped G.W.Bush steal two elections, now he’s up for a third. When will Obama stop being a gentleman and blast that bitch off the stage. I cannot have a Church of God zealot defining my rights and privileges as an American Citizen. Belief in A God should mold a persons character, That’s it. God does not speak through Sarah Palin.
    God does not say whether there should be an
    oil pipelin anywhere. God does not say that Polar Bears are not endangered. This woman is dangerous. Don’t think for a minute that Palen does not have her sights on the Oval Office. May I make a reference to Ayn Rand’s
    Atlas Shrugged. The Republican Party embodies
    the vitriol and meaness and lies and deceit
    that has brought down this nation. Democracy has become a laugh. We the people have not had a say in government in over 50 years. We are at the mercy of the Bushes and the MeCains
    and now the Palens. McCain hired her to do his dirty work. Thank you for letting me vent, however I am no way through. Tim H. Royal

  14. Alice says:

    Misrepresents state biologists’ concurrance that global warming endangers polar bears

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