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Republican National Convention Music Video: They Got Whites

There’s nothing wrong with being white. They’re something wrong with being overwhelmingly, disproportionately white in a country that is not.

This one’s white, mother
That one’s white, sister
You look pasty, brother
You’re not tawny, man

Looks like Lawrence Welk, daughter
Groove to Patsy Cline, cousin
Dance to the Fox Trot, the cha cha,
And sing your Caucasian Blues

GOP White, RNC White
GOP White, RNC White

You ain’t got no melanin!
The face of Republican
is looking white!
White! Whiiiiiite!

I would give my apologies to Ragni and Rado, but Berger would go ahead and nab it anyway.

One thought on “Republican National Convention Music Video: They Got Whites”

  1. Chris C says:

    Rather see white, white…than a black Howdy Doody…aka: BObaam

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