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The Dishonest Dichotomy of Sarah Palin

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin applauded the call by oil company lobbyists to “Drill, baby drill!” Palin said she supports expanded offshore oil drilling and drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge, while Barack Obama and Joe Biden would “do nothing at all” about the energy crisis.

Essentially, Sarah Palin said that the USA has only two choices: Either we can expand drilling for more fossil fuels, or we can choose to do nothing at all.

Sarah Palin is just plain wrong, and her attempt to create this false dichotomy is dishonest and disrespectful to the American people.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden don’t just say that we should “do nothing at all” about the energy crisis, and Sarah Palin knows it.

The Obama-Biden plan would reduce energy costs and create American jobs by:
– Encouraging Americans, with tax credits, to use energy-efficient technology instead of the gas hog “snow machine” technology that Sarah and Todd Palin embrace
– Increase fuel economy standards so that all Americans will be using less gasoline (even if they’re the Palin sort that finds new ways to use gasoline as a form of “recreation”)
– Promote energy conservation
– Enact a windfall profits tax on Big Oil corporations to provide a quick thousand dollar energy rebate to Americans – not just Palin’s pennies
– Punish speculation on crude oil markets that drives up gasoline prices
– Weatherizing the homes of working Americans, so that they can burn less oil and natural gas, and still remain warm in the winter

Is that all, as Sarah Palin says, “nothing at all”?

George W. Bush’s own Department of Energy says that the plan promoted by Sarah Palin and John McCain just won’t work. It won’t lower prices for at least a decade, and then would only save Americans a few pennies at the pump.

Let’s remember that the energy policy that Sarah Palin and John McCain propose is the same policy that was developed before World War II. America isn’t wearing the clothes of the 1930s. We aren’t listening to the music of the 1930s. Isn’t it time that we get an energy update too?

I don’t support everything that Barack Obama and Joe Biden say that they want to do when it comes to solving the energy crisis. They give too much support to the nonsense of expanded offshore drilling for oil, and they don’t support sustainable energy as strongly as I’d like them too. However, it’s absolute nonsense for Sarah Palin to say that Obama and Biden would do “nothing at all”, and the Obama-Biden plan is much better than Palin’s outdated proposal to drill, baby drill.

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