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Is McCain Tylenol? Is Obama a Stem Cell Injection?

Abarafi suggests a metaphor for the 2008 presidential election:

It is more than just a case of the devil you know versus the one you don’t. It’s more like having terminal cancer and one doctor says “you’re dying here’s some pain killers” and the other saying “you’re dying now but there’s this experimental medicine that may cure you.” Who in his right mind would not take the medicine on the chance – yes it’s a risk – that it might save you? We know the Republican treatment – we’ve had it for eight years, now, and the country is slowly dying. McCain’s speech amounts to a bottle of Tylenol.


1 comment to Is McCain Tylenol? Is Obama a Stem Cell Injection?

  • No, not apt, I think. The Republicans aren’t an attempted cure for something. They’re the problem – a medicine that has caused extreme harm.

    It’s like a person goes in to a doctor complaining of a sniffle, and the Republican doctor prescribes chemotherapy. Obama is saying, hey, let’s knock off the chemotherapy, and give some safe medicines for the effects of that deadly medicine.

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