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Study Shows Global Warming Hurricane Link

Tropical storm Hanna has soaked the ground in Florida, and Hurricane Ike is coming to Florida to follow it up with more powerful winds and rains. It’s apt timing, given that James Elsner at Florida State University has found a correlation between the warmer ocean waters created by climate warming. His study, published in the journal Nature, finds that average wind speeds in the most powerful hurricanes have increased by 17 miles per hour over the last quarter century.

That’s a fact that swing state Florida ought to keep in mind as we head toward Election Day. John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin doesn’t yet acknowledge that people have any responsibility for global warming. If an elderly President McCain dies, and leaves Sarah Palin President, climate change policy will be set back 10 years, with yet another Republican President who needs to be convinced that reality is worth paying attention to.

2 thoughts on “Study Shows Global Warming Hurricane Link”

  1. Tom says:

    An awful lot of people who will vote for McCain have no faith in the science behind the connection between our way of living off the planet (rather than with the planet) and specifically our pollution and climate change. Many will simply pooh-pooh the level of effect that mankind, going on 7.5 billion strong, has on the earth (you know – “it’s so vast, how can we possibly have any effect?”, or “God designed it so it must be right.”), so there is no room for that paradigm in their worldview. Unfortunately it’ll be far too late by the time this lot “get’s it” since we’re already behind in our “window of opportunity” to alter the serious cumulative effects which will become ever more evident in the next 100 years.

    i’m of the opinion that the planet will rid itself of us by making our living conditions impossible. Humanity be forced back into survival mode for a long time and most won’t be able to keep up, obtain food or water or fight off the steady onslaught of deteriorating conditions. Civilization will break down to steady wars of attrition for scarce resources and the survivors won’t last very long anyway.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope for the best and encourage people to learn all they can about our environment.

  2. Jim says:

    Let’s beat the Earth to it and start killing ourselves to limit our own destruction. Mandatory abortions should be the second step for those who can’t man up to dying. Give the Earth back to it’s rightful owners, the animals. Actually the animals minus us. Tom lead the way for the new Animal Order!

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