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The Craziest VP From the Coolest State

Republicans are all agog over Sarah Palin. They’re practically drooling. It isn’t for the policies of Palin, though, or the substance of Sarah, so much a it is for her image. It’s Republican identity politics at its worst. They say that Sarah Palin is the hottest VP from the coolest state. Really. That’s what the GOP is putting on buttons.

sarah palin craziest vp coolest state button movieAs for myself, I have a bit of trouble finding a woman who is as mentally unhinged as Sarah Palin is, to be hot. When you’re always wondering if a woman is going to stab you in the back, or put a rabbit in the crock pot, or leave a moose head in your bed, or try to take you to her weird Wasilla church of prophecy, it’s kind of hard for a man to feel any kind of real attraction.

That’s why I responded to the Republican political button with a design of my own: Sarah Palin, the craziest VP from the coolest state – she’s come undone. It’s on a shirt too… and another Sarah Palin video podcast.

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