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Top Five Liberal Bumper Stickers, September 1-5 2008

What’s most salient in the liberal zeitgeist? To get an idea, take a look at these, our top five selling bumper stickers from September 1 to September 5, 2008:

#1: Librarians Against Palin bumper sticker
#2: People With One House Against McCain bumper sticker
#3: Republicans for Barack Obama bumper sticker
#4: I Like Obama, But is America Ready for a President with Brains? bumper sticker
#5: Hope, Not Fear: Obama 2008 bumper sticker

This week, opposition to Sarah Palin and John McCain tops support for Barack Obama. And some Alaskan governor-type politicians apparently still need to learn their lesson: never mess with a librarian.

10 thoughts on “Top Five Liberal Bumper Stickers, September 1-5 2008”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Know where I can find any pro-war bumper stickers?

  2. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Go enlist in the Army if you’re pro-war. They’ll give you a bumper sticker for free.

  3. Billy Buerger says:

    I just got an email from the ACLU the other day. They’re giving away a bumper sticker that says “I Am a Constitutional Voter” if you sign up for a poll stating so. This seemed to sum up how I feel so I went for it.

  4. Rest of the world says:

    I am not an American. So I cannot vote in your election. But I beg of you. Please do everything you can to stop this mad man John McCain. The truth is America cannot afford another 4 years of Bush. There will not be an America if the neo cons get into the White House again. How can you possible go past an inspirational leader like Obama and vote for Geriatrix McCain and his moronic pick for the vice president Palin! ..Who has international political experience because she lives next to Russia!!!.. You people buy this shit? An old man who stutters, probably has brain damage and cant remember what he is talking half the time is neck and neck in polls with someone like Barack Obama? Seriously, the whole world is shaking their heads at American politics. And to think the actions of the US president affects the whole world. Dont believe me? Ask the millions who died in Iraq. Oh thats right, you cant. THEY ARE DEAD.

    Even though I didnt like Hillary any more than Obama did, I am starting to think it was a mistake not to include her in the ticket. Even though Joe Biden is a good VP pick, her inclusion would have sealed the deal for Obama. I hope she will campain for Obama in the coming months in earnest. One can only hope!!!

    The thing you americans can do now is to mobilise the young and the educated. I am sure no person with high school education and not brainwashed by Fox news will ever vote for John McCain. Get as many people out and work from the grassroots for Obama. Also I hope he brings back his great attitute that he showed during the primaries. I think he has gone soft once he secured the nomination. He should fight back at the republicans in the same way they are attacking him now. No more Mr Nice guy. I am sure Obama and Biden will excel in the debates. But thats not enough. Run ads showing the true colour of these Republicans and the so called USA lovers.

    I cant imagine what I will do if I hear that the republicans are back in the White House. It will be soo saddening!!!

  5. J. Clifford says:

    We’re working it, R.O.W. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Anonymous says:

    pro-war bumper stickers: my favorite goes like this:

    War never solved anything….. except slavery, genocide, nazism, and fascism.

  7. J. Clifford says:

    Except war didn’t solve those. It wasn’t war that ended slavery in the USA. It was the emancipation proclamation that did that, and really, there still is slavery throughout the world, and genocide, and fascism.

    Love that you put genocide on the list, anonymous. Genocide IS war. War doesn’t solve war.

    Your slogan is nonsense.

    So, if you’re pro-war, why aren’t you in the Army?

  8. Darebrit says:

    We live in a culture that says “If you are not pro war, you are anti-patriot”.

    If the government decides that we must have a draft to fill the ranks for cannon fodder. Refusal to co-opertate criminalizes and degredes you as a ‘draft dodger’

    Having lived through one world war and a dozen or more other conflicts, and seen countless young people with lives destroyed to fulfill some politician or religeous fanatics view of the World, I have a different view.

    I too served as a draftee because I refused to be labelled a criminal and be sent to jail. In all the intervening years, I have yet to discover the link between war and peace, military service, and patriotism.

    I hope to live long enough to see humanity rejecting patriotism as moral or socially acceptable or to require that young people should become killers to preserve peace.

    And please, please do not subject me to the same old saw that war preserves peace, that was bulshit back in the Pelleponesian wars and has not changed since. We still have racism, religeous and sectarian conflicts, political posturing and slavery.

    War solves nothing and peace can only be achieved when we understand this. I am a lifelong unrepentant pacifist and will defend with my life the right to remain so.

  9. Bob says:

    ACLU is the BIGGEST problem with this country!! They are the downfall of America. They are sick people and they are like the Nazis!

  10. OkieLadie says:

    For J Clifford, The Emancipation Proclomation did NOT end slavery! First, the war was NOT about slavery, it was about economics and control of Congress. Slavery was secondary issue. BUT, while the EP “declared” slave free, it took WAR to ENFORCE it. Take a history lesson.

    As for Bush bashers, please take history, govn’t, and economics again because you do NOT know anything. Blacks and minorities hate Republicans because the preach “work” instead of handout. As for the war, ask most Iraqi’s if they are better off and they will say yes. And it is a PROVEN FACT that the Dems are responsible for the the high gas prices because they made the US dependent on foreign oil and prevented new refineries so we cannot always meet need. AND more importantly, Democrats FORCED banks to use more liberal lending policies in the 1990’s to increase low-income, minority, and people with bad credit and THESE are the loans that are coming back to haunt us. Hey, it isn’t just Republicans on Wall Street, there are ALOT of Dems too!

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