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Will 2008 Arctic Sea Ice Reach a Record Low Extent?

The National Ice and Snow Data Center has released its measurements of the extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean through the end of August. The area of the Arctic Ocean covered with ice is at its second-lowest point since measurements began (last year was the record):

Extent of Arctic Sea ice in the month of August from year to year, source National Snow and Ice Data center

The rate of sea ice loss during the month of August 2008 hit a record. If August’s rate of continues, we’ll see a record low Arctic ice extent this year:

Loss of Arctic Ice, 2008 compared to 2007 and previous years

Regardless of whether it will be a record low or very near a record low, we’re talking about a very low extent of sea ice compared to the average of measurements made by the Center.

Click through to the National Snow and Ice Data Center to learn more.

One thought on “Will 2008 Arctic Sea Ice Reach a Record Low Extent?”

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