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Another Wasilla Resident Speaks Out Against Palin

Good Saturday morning reading comes from the band Portugal. The Man. One of the band’s members, John Baldwin Gourley, grew up in Wasilla, Alaska, also the home town of Sarah Palin.

The story boils down to a remembrance of moose hunting as a boy – a classic Alaskan experience with a twist. The moose lived to see another day. As the father told his son, they wouldn’t shoot and kill the moose “because we don’t need it.”

That idea is proposed as a core Alaskan ethic – take what you really need, but not more.

Sarah Palin’s ethic, shooting moose to show off for the cameras and hunting wolves from helicopters, chanting drill baby drill at the Republican National Convention, doesn’t fit with that ethic.

“We don’t need drilling in some of our most beautiful and untouched land,” says Gourley.

“We don’t need aerial hunting,” says Gourley.

“We don’t need book burners and censors,” says Gourley.

Thanks for showing us another view of life in Wasilla than the one offered by Sarah Palin, Mr. Gourley.

One thought on “Another Wasilla Resident Speaks Out Against Palin”

  1. prescott says:

    I am thrilled to see someone heading to the whitehouse that’s so passionate about her beliefs. Be still and listen…stop talking to hear yourself speak. It took me a long time to do that and now I am not missing the important things i needed to hear.

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