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Call McCain To Demand Palin Talk To Reporters

Sarah Palin is running scared. Palin is terrified of reporters. She’s frightened by journalists. Sarah Palin lives in fear of appearing in public at an occasion that isn’t pre-scripted for her convenience.

Even the McCain campaign admits that Sarah Palin isn’t ready to talk to reporters yet.

irregular times writerPalin isn’t ready yet? It’s less than two months until Election Day! If Sarah Palin isn’t ready now, then she never will be.

If Sarah Palin isn’t ready to talk intelligently to reporters, then how will she ever speak intelligently with the leaders of foreign countries? That’s something that the Vice President has to do quite frequently.

And what if, as is quite likely, John McCain dies and leaves Sarah Palin President. How will Sarah Palin ever get ready for that?

For the McCain campaign to keep Sarah Palin hidden, running away from reporters who want to ask her important questions that the American people deserve to have answered is an insult. It’s an attempt to prevent American voters from finding out who Sarah Palin really is – without the mask of a script to make her look pretty and sound prepared.

If the McCain campaign is keeping Sarah shielded in this way, they must know something about her that they want to stay hidden. Maybe it’s that Sarah Palin has little knowledge or understanding of national and international issues. Maybe it’s that Sarah Palin can’t speak without being told what to say. Maybe it’s something else.

Whatever the reason for the McCain campaign to keep Sarah Palin protected from unscripted questions, we cannot sit and wait passively for the Republicans to tell the tales that want to be told. It’s time to wake up the Press, and shake the McCain campaign into letting us see who the real Sarah Palin is.

sarah palin unready interviews vice president video podcastAction #1: Call the Press to action. Start with your own community’s newspaper, and express your displeasure that reporters are being given no access to Palin. Communicate your expectation that the Press will pressure the McCain campaign to provide unfiltered access for reporters to Palin – or stop reporting on Palin’s scripted publicity events.

Continue with the newspaper in our nation’s capitol, and call Deborah Howell, the Washington Post’s obmudsman, at 202-334-7582.

Action #2: Call the press office of the McCain campaign itself, at 703-650-5550, and tell the staff there that for Palin to be shielded from free questioning by journalists is an unacceptable insult to voters.

(An accompanying video podcast)

2 thoughts on “Call McCain To Demand Palin Talk To Reporters”

  1. Anonymous says:

    GET A LIFE!!!

  2. Erik says:

    Telling someone to get a life because they took the time to write about something they believe hardly indicates that you yourself have a life.

    Anyway, I agree that Palin should have been ready to talk to reporters from day one, otherwise she is a lousy choice for VP nominee. She has been a mayor and a governor, and has hardly shied away from the limelight in her career. If she needs time for “indoctrination” then she is not on board the McCain train. And if is not a case of indoctrination, just what are they afraid she might say?

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