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Jack Miner, Another Ohio Ex-Republican in 2008

Last Sunday, I was in the audience with my audio recorder rolling as I heard Ohio State University Associate Registrar Jack Miner explain why he could no longer call himself a member of the Republican Party. This is what he said:

Most of you know me because of Ohio State, but a lot of you also know me because I’ve been a lifelong Republican. I’ve been pretty active over the years for the Republican Party, enough said. In this election, my family, my community and the nation can’t afford four more years of the same thing.

So this is the year that I know I’m heading out of the party and I’m supporting Obama. That’s become even more clear the past couple of days where I’m almost embarrassed to say I that used to be a Republican based on the ticket they’ve put together. So if you think about not just a heartbeat, but — not a strong heartbeat away from the presidency, we can’t afford to have someone who’s not strong in foreign relations, who’s not strong with domestic policy, and really has no experience. We can’t afford the Republicans.

Lifelong Republicans have had enough.

One thought on “Jack Miner, Another Ohio Ex-Republican in 2008”

  1. Darebrit says:

    Welcome aboard Jack. You are not alone.

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