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2 thoughts on “Palinism of the Day: My Middle Name is Weasel”

  1. Dave Curtis says:

    This website is great. It’s more comical than the Daily Kos, and the H-Post put together. You guys really go to the extreme to get to the essence of things. What you need to know is a little Scripture, which if you read it, you’d find out that the wisdom of God is foolishness to man and God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and that preaching the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto those who are saved the power of God. (I Corinthians 1.) I used to be EXACTLTY where you are. That changed when God helped me realize my entire worldview and point of reference was based in the flesh — in the natural — and that there was a spiritual realm he prepared for those open to it that would allow the lowest among us to have the greatest mysteries of Him revealed to those who believed. Thank you for putting Sarah Palin’s speech from her church online. God’s word never returns void. I pray for all who are associated wit this website that jesus will immerse you in His love.

    (Kooky isn’t really kooky at all) — read Acts 2……….

  2. Darebrit says:

    Submitted by DareBrit September 9, 2008
    Filed under Election politics 2008.

    Where do we go from here? With whom do we go? How do we get there? And why should we go along?
    It is here. The final stretch. The finish line in sight. The supporters on each side urging their favorites to win, win, win.
    The final campaign speeches are being polished. The slime-balls are crawling in the muck of political one-upmanship to find that last piece of ordure to throw in the faces of the would-be world leaders. Media pundits are waiting with baited breath, to leap upon the tongue- slip of the unwary candidate. Would-be political appointees position themselves, with faces uplifted in adoration, while exhausted campaigners anticipate the orgasm of victory or the dysfunction of being in the worst place of all. Last.
    During the last 18 months. The diaries of Irregulartimes have been filled with wisdom, enlightenment, foolishness, hope, ambivalence, stupidity, hindsight and almost any emotion that your mind or your lexicon can imagine. And all for one purpose:
    To elect a new tenant to the White House and the office of President of the United States of America.
    And what have we learned from these wise scribes? These observers of political and social minutiae? The recorders of religious and moral values? Do we now understand what it means to be downtrodden and ignored? To be blessed with more than enough to sustain life in the super fast lane? To shiver in the remnants of a home destroyed by flood? How to deny the truth, disguise a lie, blame another for your faults? Or have you just sat and enjoyed the by-play of words (some miss-spelt) and differing opinions and ideas.
    The real joy in all this is that we have a Freedom that many of the presidential wannabees would like to restrict so that we can more readily absorb the partisan rhetoric which seems to afflict most of those on the path to national glory.
    And speaking of Glory; are we all better enlightened as to the true ideals of Christianity? Do we know more-or less- about Hinduism? Muhammadism? Buddhism? Shintoism? Judaism? Catholicism? Deism? Monotheism? Or have you chosen to worship Satan on an I-Pod?
    Perhaps you have become enamored of Sam’s Shit Holes or Obama’s call for change. Or perhaps Jim’s fervent endeavors to have us become better informed on as many subjects as possible in order to become better citizens.

    Perhaps like many contributors you inveigled against government hypocrisy and tampering with our Constitution. Or expressed yourself virulently opposed to or in favor of some special legislation. Or maybe you indulged yourself in some humor at the expense of some less than literary star who tried to bully their way into a forum for which they were perhaps ill fitted.
    We have all; Old and Young, Literate and not so much, Well informed and ignorant, Insulting and placatory, Placid simple writers or foul mouthed angry correspondents. We all of have one thing in common.

    WE CARE!

    We care enough to sit at our computers day after day and voice our opinions. And in this we enjoy a familial communion upon which this country was founded. There were no gods present at the signing of the Constitution. No individuals with greater or less knowledge than their peers. There were no media pundits waiting to attack the credibility, morality or wisdom of those men. They were people like us who had argued and discussed, disseminated and objectified their reason into a document which has given us the liberty to do what we now do.
    In these final days before the election we should take what we have learned in these pages and insist that our Constitution is the ONLY document that binds our freedom and insures our liberty. Refuse to support with you voice or your fortunes those who would destroy our rights as free men and women to assemble peaceably and discourse in printed and spoken word on the rights of ALL people to live peaceably in disharmony and disagreement so that irregulartimes will continue as a sounding board for differingt opinions.
    Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be one of such a diver’s number.

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