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9 Days. No Sarah Palin Press Conference. Steal This Banner.

Number of Days Sarah Palin Has Gone Without a Press Conference, small web badge“You ask me my feelings on an issue and I’ll give it to you straight up, because that’s the only way a voter knows where his employee stands. Elected officials are exactly that—employees.” — Sarah Palin, September 30 1992.

9 days since Sarah Palin was announced as VP pick.
0 press conferences with Sarah Palin answering reporters’ questions.
58 days left until the election.

Sarah Palin is still not ready.

Go ahead, steal that little web badge. I want you to. I want you to stick it up on your blog and remind everybody who visits that Sarah Palin is still not ready to answer the questions a Vice President should answer. Remind your visitors that, should John McCain kick the bucket, Sarah Palin is still not ready to answer the questions a President must answer.

To point this out in even larger style, steal a larger graphic:

Number of Days Sarah Palin Has Gone Without a Press Conference, large web graphic

Once you hyperlink to one of these graphics, it will automatically update on your web page every day that Sarah Palin refuses to stand before a room full of reporters and answer their questions.

It’s time to apply pressure. Please help.

8 thoughts on “9 Days. No Sarah Palin Press Conference. Steal This Banner.”

  1. facedecoolo says:

    link posted on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher community forums.

  2. prescott says:

    Apply pressure??? You’ve got to be kidding! I wouldn’t speak to the evil press who have attempted to make a mockery of her life and have tried to destroy the life of her daughter and future son-in-law. To become VP or President of the USA doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul…the media doesn’t own you! This is ridiculous! She made a compelling speach which has been spoken of in derogatory terms, her daughter has been slaughtered in the media just because she is pregnant…how many people do you know who got pregnant young and were not married? I know MANY! I believe she will give the media their interviews however they will work on her terms. She is running for VP… Not the manager of your local fast food restaurant. Give them respect!

  3. Horatio says:

    The EVIL PRESS?!?!

    Is that an Assemblies of God term?

    In a democracy, politicians have to earn respect, prescott. They should not be held apart, like elites, beyond questioning, as you would have it.

  4. jon says:

    Christ ! why should she have one minute of solitude let alone 1 week ! she is the GD Republican VP! Do your job and put pressure on these clowns to start answering questions. McCain too ( quit letting him hide behind his war experiences :ask him if he thinks 5.5 yrs in the Hanoi hilton might have made him mentally unsound eg impulsive ;temper etc ) Your the GD press ;the ist amendment gives you power and cover but it also gives you responsibilities towards the people .jh

  5. md says:

    Why does nt anyone talk about the fact the John McCain has melanoma ? With the depth of his tumor and the fact he had a radical neck dissection ( i.e almost certainty of metastatic disease), is this woman from Alaska who failed in her own home to educate and keep her daughter from being a teenage mother ready to be president ? If John McCain gets elected, he will most likely die from recurrance of his disease and his VP choice will take over.

  6. md says:

    Frightens me to have a former beauty queen running the country.

  7. hal says:


  8. EvilPoet says:

    If still applicable, I’ll steal it just as soon as I get my computer back up and running. Right now I’m borrowing my daughter’s (old and rickety) computer and can’t do a lot of stuff I normally can with my computer.

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