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Queen Sarah Palin? We Are Not Amused

“Until at which point in time we feel like the news media is going to treat her with some level of respect and deference, I think it would be foolhardy to put her out into that kind of environment.” — McCain campaign manager Rick Davis explaining why Sarah Palin has not been made available to answer reporters’ questions.

Critical inquiry is what any presidential or vice presidential candidate should expect in a representative democracy. Respect and deference are due a queen. If Sarah Palin claims to be ready to be our next President of the United States of America, then she shouldn’t demand “respect and deference;” she should respect the American people and defer to their right to ask would-be leaders questions. If on the other hand Sarah Palin plans to be our new Queen of America, then we are not amused.

3 thoughts on “Queen Sarah Palin? We Are Not Amused”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    The clear implication is that Sarah Palin is unable to handle herself except in the company of little toadies who pay her deference. That’s not the world the President and Vice President must work in.

    Sarah Palin is not ready for the White House.

  2. debbyjean says:

    OK….really??? when has the news media treated anyone with respect? please! you don’t get respect…. you earn it! and unless I’m mistaken, we don’t have queens or kings here.
    no one get special treatment. let me remind you how this works, you run for office, you open your life up to the American people.there are questions that need to be asked, you see, so we can figure out whether we want you there or not! if you can’t handle reporters…how the hell can you handle important issues that come up while you are in this position?
    we are lucky to see McCain make it to the end of the stage he had built and you are going to take his place if anything happens to him? ok… lets sum this up, they don’t trust you can handle the media, but they trust you to run the biggest country in the free world….whats wrong with this picture?BY THE WAY- are all of you people really sure Rick Davis isn’t working for Obama? BECAUSE HE SURE DOES SCREW THE MCCAIN TICKET, EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS. I am not sure what is going on in the McCain group, but I know we have a man that get so caught up in the way he sees things, he won’t listen to any other sides or ideas,and shoots off at the mouth before thinking, running for president. a woman that won’t speak to the media because she wants to be treated like a queen before she says yes, she was supposed fight the bad guys in alaska, to say no to A bridge to no where, but excepted the money to do it…then said no & never gave the money back. isn’t that wrong, even in alaska? after excepting the Vice President position, she walked around shaking peoples hands and signing cards, but couldn’t talk to the people or answer any questions because, she had her 8 yr old tailing her, talking the whole time and Palin couldn’t talk to the people, because she had to answer her daughter the entire time.
    lets just hope nothing important comes up when her daughter goes into the oval office with her macaroni necklass. seems like that was kind of a important night to be talking to the American people. If the rep. thought that would be cute…they screwed up. i bet that was Ricks idea! It made her look like a mom that didn’t have time for the American people. ok I’m done. don’t feel any better and i could go on and on, but for now, i think i’m going to go throw up and pray they don’t win!

  3. prescott says:

    Wow…debbyjean…You come across as a very angry person. I admire the fact that Palin has not lowered herself to the sub-standard media frenzy, lies and deception. I didn’t realize it was a requirement for the office of President or Vice President to have to subject yourself and your family to this theatrical abuse. As Americans needing to put the best political contenders in such a powerful position, we should conduct all background researches necessary, confirm the record on which the candidate is standing behind, judge them by their past work and political stances however we should never think we have the right to attack someone’s family. All the media has focused on is Palin’s daughter. Big deal! She messed up…got pregnant… now everyone needs to go on and leave her to the life she has created for herself and for her unborn child. I am convinced that had the media treated Palin with the same respect Hillary or Obama received, she would be more than willing to sit down and communicate her strategy as she is running for this office. Since the liberal media has chosen to be unprofessional, tactless and abusive…she has given them just what they deserve…Nothing! No matter what my thoughts are on Obama, had he been taunted or had his family attacked, I would be saying the same thing in his defense. I am all for the tough questions and digging deep however the person who takes the oath of office in this capacity should not lower their standards for the amusement of others. We need to have someone who is tough enough to stand up and say they will not partake in communicating with those who will not show respect for the position they are running for. I don’t want a President or VP that will allow this type of abuse to take place.

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