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America Shrugs At Poisoned Whales

I am disgusted tonight at the apathy of the American people. I enjoyed the video made by J. Clifford earlier today to accompany his article on Sarah Palin’s approval of Chevron’s plan to poison whales in the Cook Inlet of Alaska by dumping toxic waste there.

Sarah Palin supports poisoning whales! For goodness sakes, that’s the kind of story that could really get people’s attention – or so I thought.

I eagerly went to YouTube to see who else had made any videos about the plight of the Cook Inlet belugas, who are endangered, but are being illegally denied a decision under the Endangered Species Act because of the political interference of George W. Bush.

There was not one other video on YouTube about the endangered status of the Cook Inlet belugas. Not a single one. There were six other videos showing the belugas that live in the Cook Inlet, but just to show how pretty they look. Nothing was mentioned about their endangered status.

One other video came up in the search that shows a power plant named Beluga.

That’s all there was.

Doesn’t anybody give a damn? The Republican vice presidential candidate approves of poisoning endangered whales, and all Americans can do is shrug?

If a shrug is all that we can muster in the face of such outrageous abuse of power, then America will get the leadership it deserves this Election Day, and we will all suffer a fate like those of the Cook Inlet beluga as a result.

One thought on “America Shrugs At Poisoned Whales”

  1. Tom says:

    And you expected what from these people, whose idea of values is to destroy everything and anything that stands in the way of their greedy lifestyle?

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