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Obama Fundraising Slows Down: What Happens When You Disrespect Core Values

Well golly, gosh and gee whizzikers. Barack Obama is raising less money than his campaign expected. Apparently his fundraising stopped meeting expectations shortly after his primary victory in the early summer.

Hmm. Something else happened then, too. What was it? Hmm. I’ll remember any minute now…

… oh, right. Right after he secured a primary win with his promises, Barack Obama flip-flopped:

* to support for a faith-based initiatives program that would prop up churches using government money even more than the Bush administration currently does

* from opposing the warrantless surveillance of Americans to supporting it and even promising to use it in his administration, with the promise that it’s OK, really, see, because we all can just trust him like we all could just trust George W. Bush, except, um, it’s different because Barack Obama is sweller

* from opposing offshore oil drilling to embracing it

Hmm. What a coincydink.

6 thoughts on “Obama Fundraising Slows Down: What Happens When You Disrespect Core Values”

  1. Juniper says:

    Barack Obama is losing this election, and he can’t blame it on Ralph Nader, and it isn’t because of Sarah Palin.

    Barack Obama is losing the election that should have been in the bag because he insulted the Democratic base right after a divisive primary contest. Obama should have showed Democratic voters that he could be trusted. Instead, he proved he can’t be trusted.

    I won’t vote for McCain and Palin. They frighten me. Yet, I have little respect for Barack Obama either.

    Triangulation (Democrats shifting toward right wing policies) didn’t work in 2000. It didn’t work in 2004. It is not working in 2008.

  2. Tom says:

    That’s right Juniper, you’d think they’d learn from their mistakes. So get ready to go down with the ship of state.

  3. Amanda Fisher says:

    I have always believed in voting for individuals who not only have the leadership skills to advance the country, but who also has the ability to inspire our citizens to look beyond their own self-interests as an absolute, and rather, to look at policies that will benefit our entire society. I am very tired of voters, politicians and special interest groups consistantly pushing people to only vote what will be in their own self interest. I truly believe that we have such a great country because of our values, our moral fortitude, and historically, our ability to foster a society where everyone can imagine living the “American Dream”. For this to be the case, we cannot accept a society that is okay with so many getting wealthier and wealthier (read any statistics on the growth of wealth for those at the top of the ladder, vs. those who comprise about 95% of the rest of the population who have seen their income decline). Historically, when societies have allowed this situation to exist and to accelerate, they have found themselves living in an oligarcy where the spoils will only be available to those with money, family contacts, and friends who also fall into the “affluent” category. I pray that people open their eyes to the simple fact that the Repblicans of today are “okay” with this, as shown through their policies over the last 14 years, most of them when under the control of republicans in the White House, the Senate, the Congress, and now the Supreme Court.

    As far as this Presidential election goes, it has made me sick watching the once “Maverick” John McCain flip on just about every topic that he felt he needed to flip on, to get elected. I went from admiring him greatly (I would have been open to voting for him when he ran in 2004), to being disgusted by him when, after being slimed by George Bush in that election, he chose to put his own interests (sucking up to the Republican Party), over the interests of his country; I was almost sick when I saw him embrace Bush (literally). and joined his party in their smear tactics against another Vietnam War hero, John Kerry. This is the same person who says he is so honorable and decent and who will work for “all” Americans. I for one do not believe for one minute that John McCain, and Sarah Palin, will look out for anyone except for the Replican interests and citizens, and we will suffer for another 4 years under the same terms as we have for the last 8 years.

    I am sad that so many women are seeming to be naive enough to overlook all of the anti-women, anti-civil liberty, anti-“American way of life” beliefs of Sarah just to vote for someone who is female and looks good on camera. Hey, maybe the entire country will get more “abstinance only” teachings and laws, and then ignore the problems associated with lots and lots of babies being born (or aborted-something that no Democrat I have ever met has wanted anyone to have), and can just be happy with their low paying jobs if their own family is not wealthy enough to assist them.

    I pray that people take a look at why we need someone who will turn our country around and bring back the honor and dignity associated with being an American, by voting for Barak Obama. On the other hand, with as bad as things have gotten under George Bush, perhaps 4 more years of pain and suffering for most Americans will really help them to see more clearly those that are truly the Patriots we need in the White House; People like Obama, Biden, Clinton and others just like them.

  4. Pinkerton says:

    Too bad you don’t know what you’re talking about, and that your comment has nothing to do with the post.

    John McCain didn’t run for president in 2004. Look it up.

    And you ignore the basic point of the post:

    Six months ago, the progressive base was excited about Obama. Then he flip-flopped to the Republican position on offshore drilling, faith-based initiatives, warrantless wiretapping, and retroactive immunity for corporate criminals.

    Yes, he’s cute and speaks well. La dee da. But as of today his policy stances SUCK. To hear him speak now, we’ve got a choice between McCain getting a third Bush term or Obama getting a third Bush term. Who gives a rabid rat’s ass? Not me, and not the progressive base of the Democratic party, which is why his fundraising efforts are tanking even in the final weeks before the election.

    As things are going, I may hold my nose and vote for Obama in November, but he’s not getting a penny of my cash or a minute of my time. If it were just me, it wouldn’t cost him. But it’s not.

    Any y’know what? I just might vote Green. Or frickin’ Libertarian. What do you think of that? “Throwing my vote away?” Not really.

    Check this out: This is Obama’s election to lose, and if he loses it because people like me decided to vote for someone who DOESN’T want to coddle corporate criminals, shred the Fourth Amendment, sink oil wells all over pristine habitats for endangered wildlife, or hand my tax money to somebody else’s church, that’s going to go down as how Obama blew the election.

    Then the Democrats can make themselves a choice: Run all the harder to the right, become indistinguishable from the Republicans, and crumble away as voters choose the real thing and reject the wannabes; or stand up for basic progressive values the way Obama suddenly isn’t now, provide a real alternative to the Republicans, and actually commit to fixing what’s wrong with America.

    Somebody DOES need to fix what’s gone wrong with America, but Obama is busy right now assuring voters that it WON’T be him. If that’s how it is, Democrats, stand aside, collapse on your own gutless dead weight. Then maybe someone can come up with a REAL alternative to the Republicans.

  5. LNAB says:

    fact is, Obama was anointed by the DNC via caucus fraud, DNC & RBC manipulation, an MSM that refused to vet him (or quit spinning for him)

    he was a vacuous, pandering and corrupt party selectee installed via illegitimate means.

    HRC beat Obama by over 600,000 votes beginning 3/1/08, YET somehow a 127 delegate lead that STILL didn’t make him the nominee, in the closest Dem primary in history…was handed the nomination by the party before the convention and the one GE VIABLE candidate was told to quit.

    Well, guess what. Those lies, those corruptions and the utter lack of wide base support for the precious are coming to roost.

    And with his latest smear on women, something HRC supporters are quite familiar with from Obama and his minions, it’s all over but the crying.

    There’s going to be a housecleaning of the corrupt people at the DNC who orchestrated the crowning of this inept, vacuous and pandering candidate as though he represented anything more that the byproduct of the corrupt Chicago machine that promoted him!

    PUMA! time for the truth about Barry to be known

  6. Jim says:

    “beginning 3/1/08″… I love that shit. Man, it’s as pungent as the best weed money can buy.

    Obama seated the whole Michigan and Florida delegations with full votes. You’re toking, LNAB. You’re toking it up reaaaaaaal good.

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