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12 Days Out, Sarah Palin Still Won't Answer Your Questions

On the campaign trail, Joseph Biden regularly travels apart and campaigns on his own separately from Barack Obama. He can handle it.

Sarah Palin doesn’t campaign on her own, apart from John McCain. She can’t handle it.

How many days since Sarah Palin has had a press conference?Since he was announced as the Vice Presidential running mate of Barack Obama, Joe Biden has been taking regular questions from reporters and even taking regular questions from the audiences at the places where he stops.

Sarah Palin isn’t taking any questions. Not from reporters, not at news conferences, not from her audience. She isn’t even speaking off-script, only regurgitating her convention speech. She just smiles, and waves, and shuts her mouth.

Get the sense that Sarah Palin isn’t ready for Prime Time, much less for the presidency? Share your skepticism — nab this graphic counting the days of Sarah Palin’s silence and stick it up in a corner of your blog. It automatically updates every morning to remind your viewers that the days are counting down, the election is coming, and Sarah Palin still isn’t talking.

27 thoughts on “12 Days Out, Sarah Palin Still Won't Answer Your Questions”

  1. Sarah P says:

    Why the hell should I answer your questions? You little people have no respect for me or the office I seek. Once y’all promise to be nice to me, and I mean really really nice, then I will answer your questions. But not ALL your questions mind you, just the ones I like. Im gonna be VP whether you like it or not bitches, get used to it.

  2. Sam says:

    No…she just won’t answer YOUR questions…she’s answered mine. Now, does this count count down end with the Gibson interview…or does there have to be a media “gang rape” of her in a formal setting….

  3. Jim says:

    That’s a negotiated interview. When I see her take questions from multiple reporters where the terms of the interview haven’t been negotiated in advance and she doesn’t know what’s going down (yes, subjects of the interview have been pre-arranged), then I’ll take down my banner. Not until then.

    Democracy is a gang rape? You are an ass.

  4. Sarah P says:

    Could you please try to make even a little sense Sam?

  5. Sam says:

    I didn’t say democracy is a gang rape…just standing before the media…which is in the tank for Obama, ie MSNBC and NBC…that’s the gang rape….you can not get an impartial media anymore. Those days are gone….hence, you do not have to answer their questions anymore. The last of the impartials died when Russert died….

  6. Jim says:

    Oh, so you think accountability is a gang rape. Aristocrat.

  7. Jon says:

    Everyone has an agenda, and if you think that the media is accountable than you are living in a delousion.

  8. Jim says:

    The media are media — that is, means by which information is communicated to those of us without wealth, power, or connections. I find it odd that so many Republicans are comfortable with the idea that someone we would vote for should not communicate information regarding what she has done as Governor and would do as President.

    You say that everyone has an agenda. Until Sarah Palin answers full and free questions, what can I say about hers except from what dribs and drabs escape here and there?

  9. Sam says:

    Who appointed the media the keepers of accountablity…they themselves can’t keep track of their Janson Blair and alike….spare me…there is not one print or network media outlet that doesn’t slant on way or the other, driven by a biased editorial staff…the new media is far more in keeping people accountable than the print or the 30 minute a night network media….come on…it’s the journalists that make the story, which sells advertising…ie the Pig and Lipstick comment…

  10. Jim says:

    Anything that is a path of communication, and therefore of accountability, is a medium.

  11. Sam says:

    Anything that is a path of communication, and therefore of accountability, is a medium…

    Like Drudge? the NY Post? How about The National Enquirer? TMZ TV?…come on…get real…

  12. Jon says:

    If the media is the media then why can’t we go by fox. The problem is that youyr own personal beliefs are getting in the way of truth. You would rather believe libral left wing propaganda then look at a sudject objectively. I am willing to take your side in account but you refuse to look at mine. You are right in saying that she is responsible for her past record as a politician, but she isn’t running against Obama, McCain is. If we look at past Obama’s record isn’t that great, and the arguement isn’t good enough to say McCain is going to die in office. This is just hiding the fact that Obama may not be able to handle McCain so he’s going after Palin.

  13. Sam says:

    Jon, you got that right….

  14. Jim says:

    Oh, god, people! Of course you shouldn’t blindly accept information presented to you by media — any media. A canny person filters any claims relayed by media, evaluating it according to whether the information is sourced, the sources are presented transparently, and the facts can be checked and independently verified.

    For instance, I could evaluate Jon’s claim that “Obama may not be able to handle McCain so he’s going after Palin” by noting that 1) Jon provides no link to support his claim, 2) a quick perusal of Obama’s speeches would turns up multiple references to John McCain, more than to Palin. I therefore conclude that Jon is not a reliable source of information in this regard.

  15. Sam says:

    IT’S THE SOURCES!! The media is using the sources that need to move their point forward. I can use any source I want to bolster my point at anytime. From Obama-Aires ties to Contrail Conspiracies….so I say that using Obama website to bolster your point is slanted and biased…get it? I therefore conclude that Jim is not a reliable source of information of showing an impartial point of view.

  16. Jim says:

    It’s not biased as a source of the text of Barack Obama’s recently released speeches and statements. The aura they put around Obama’s head in the graphics doesn’t change the content of Obama’s words. I conclude that you’re not serious.

  17. Sam says:


  18. AT says:

    So then Sam, other than YOU and FOX, where should we look for accurate and unbiased reporting? Instead of bitching and moaning, give us some answers. We’re waiting. Go ahead. Really.

  19. Sam says:

    That’s my point, you won’t find any.

  20. AT says:

    Well then I vote for Sam for ruler of everything.
    From now on the very name “Sam” will be synonymous with “truth” and “truthful.” For instance, when you want to ask if someone is speaking honestly you ask: “are you being Sam with me?” In court we will hear: “do you swear to tell the Sam, the whole Sam, and nothing but he Sam, so help you Sam?”

  21. Darebrit says:

    The success of the media in convincing certain people that there is a liberal bias, is clear evidence that the opposite is true.

    Why is it Sam that only Fox News repeats daily the assertion that the media has a liberal bias? Is is because they are owned and controlled by the media giant Rupert Murdoch, the man who controls most of the world’s most conservative news outlets.

    Newspapers like the Christian Science Monitor or The Nation or the Guardian. Or television stations like Democracy Now or PBS all of which are excoriated by O’Riely and Co.on a daily basis, are neither liberal or biased. they do however report the news in such a way that people of reasonable intellect can form opinions based upon reliable reporting, NOT sensationalism.

    If you believe that the USA has a liberal news bias. you are a prime target for FOX news propaganda. Good luck in the camps.

  22. Jon says:

    What I’m saying is all news stations are biased. Fox, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS all of these are bias, and push a certian point of view to say otherwise is ignorant. It’s not just a liberial bias.

  23. Darebrit says:

    jon: That is not what you said in blog 14. If it were, the conversation would have ended there.

  24. Darebrit says:

    Sorry that should have been #12

  25. Mrs. P says:

    Jon, you are consistent… Darebrit you’re being selective again in your choice of accusations and dare not to include the good in what people are actually saying throughout their blogs. I have felt your personal attacks myself over the past few days therefore to help you see a bit clearer, see Jon’s blog #7 “EVERYONE has an agenda, and if you think that the MEDIA (note Jon did’t exclude any) is accountable than you are living in a delousion”….. Delusional much???

  26. Jon says:

    The media is the media was a sarcastic remark, I’m sorry i didn’t point this out for you I’d figured it was implied.

  27. Darebrit says:


    I am not aware that I made ANY accusations. Assertions, yes. Observations, yes.

    My observations were specifically directed at the fact that conservatives consistently point at a LIBERAL bias in the news and that such assessments are from predominantly Conservative news sources and the primary proponent of this type of propaganda comes from the so-called ‘Fair and Balanced’ news source.

    Check out the Murdoch news empire and you can arrive at only that conclusion. Travel and stay in hotels as I do and see the USA today is invariably the ONLY newspaper available today, In Airports. Bus stations Hotel lobbies and other public places, FOX and other conservative TV news stations proliferate. Do not suggest that this is by public choice, this is a direct assault on the public from a private CONSERVATIVE news source.

    As Dr. Goebells showed us in Nazi Germany in the1930’s “If you control the press, (Media), you control the minds”.

    And isn’t it ALL about controlling the minds?

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