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Sex, Drugs and Bribery in Oil Drilling Leases Should Stop Congress

The Department of the Interior acknowledged today that a large number of government officials have been caught in a corruption ring involving employees of big oil companies – Hess, Chevron and Shell Oil, to name a few. There were bribes. There were exchanges of illegal drugs. Government officials were given sexual favors by oil company employees.

This news is only the result of an internal investigation by the Bush Administration. Once independent inquiries begin, the full scope of this oil industry corruption may go quite a bit further.

sex drugs bribery and offshore drilling scandal video podcastThe government officials so far identified are in positions of decision-making power over oil company leases for drilling on public lands and in public waters. It’s very interesting to me that so many members of Congress have hopped on board the bandwagon recently for additional oil drilling leases, and for expanded offshore drilling rights – smack where the newly discovered corruption is centered.

It would be foolish for Congress to pass legislation authorizing expanded drilling before the bribery and other crimes are fully investigated… Foolish, or simply corrupt.

(Sex, drugs and oil podcast)

4 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Bribery in Oil Drilling Leases Should Stop Congress”

  1. Tom says:

    Nah, this won’t stop Congress – they thrive on this! What’s another scandal among thieves? No, it’s simply business as usual. Just ignore the fact that the economy is about to bottom out and that we’ll be left holding near worthless pieces of paper that was formerly called money.

    Yeah, just go about your business and shop or something. Nothing to see here . . .

  2. murphy says:

    The Dems have got to use this as leverage to stop the insanity. More off shore drill leases are just part of the Shock Doctrine the parasites are using to suck America dry of all of its resources. They must be stopped!

  3. Jon says:

    The Dems control congress.

  4. Jim says:

    The Bush administration controls the Interior Department.

    The sky is blue.

    Everybody loves Raymond.

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