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Skreened Opens New Brick and Mortar T-Shirt Store in Columbus

For nearly two years now, we’ve been designing and selling sweatshop-free t-shirts through Skreened, a print-on-demand shop in Columbus, Ohio. All of the shirts come from American Apparel, which does vertically-integrated shirt production on the up-and-up in Los Angeles. That’s an ethical alternative to the t-shirts you see made in China or Indonesia, made using prison labor or child labor paying the dirt-poor wage that is necessary to make shipping a shirt across the vast Pacific Ocean economically rewarding.

Well, happy day, Skreened is taking another step forward. They’ve just opened their first brick-and-mortar store:
Skreened Store at 3327 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio
T-shirts in stock at the Skreened Brick and Mortar store in Columbus, OHSituated at 3327 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio, the Skreened store features a full array of American Apparel shirts for men, women, boys, girls and even babies in a variety of colors and a surprising array of organic fibers. You can walk right in, browse the full catalog of thousands of shirt designs, pick out just the right color, size and style of t-shirt and have your shirt printed for you right there on the spot. You can even design your own shirt right there too. The approach is kind of like doing a paint-your-own-pottery, except on a t-shirt.

Multi-touch screen for ordering t-shirts at the Skreened store in Columbus, OhioIn beta development at the store is a multi-touch screen (or is that “skreen?”) installed in the storefront window to let you make a t-shirt order even when the Skreened shop is closed. Pretty spiffy stuff.

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