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Sarah Palin the 750 Mile Foreign Policy Expert

Last night, Sarah Palin admitted that she had never, not even once, met with a foreign leader as Governor of Alaska. Lots of foreign leaders come to Alaska, she said, but no, she had never met with any of them.

irregular times writerThen, Palin repeated the weird idea that she has foreign policy experience, and understands Russia, because the border of Alaska is close to the border of Russia. The borders of Russia and Alaska touch, it’s true, but most of Alaska is actually very far away from most of Russia.

Where Sarah Palin has lived and worked, in Juneau and in Wasilla, it’s very far from Russia. Wasilla, the closer of the two locations, is almost exactly 750 miles from the nearest piece of Russian soil, as the crow flies. Yet, although Sarah Palin has never been to Russia, and has never received a Russian leader as Governor of Alaska, and doesn’t speak Russian, she thinks that she’s an expert on Russia – just from being 750 miles away from Russia.

By that reasoning, everyone who lives in Miami is a foreign policy expert on Honduras, because Honduras is less than 750 miles away. People in Memphis, Tennessee and Nebraska must be foreign policy experts about Mexico because they live about 750 miles away from the nearest piece of Mexican soil.

Everyone knows how much people in Chicago know about Winnipeg, living as they do about 710 miles away from that Canadian city. You hear Chicagoans saying wise things about Winnipeg all the time.

As for myself, from my home town in Upstate, New York, I enjoy foreign policy expertise about Prince Edward Island, which is less than 750 miles away. I’m also an expert on issues in Atlanta, Georgia, which is closer to my home than Wasilla is to Russia. Minnesota is also very familiar to me, being so close as it is.

Goodness me. Why did I forget to put all this experience on my resume? I live just a four hour drive from Wall Street – I could be the new head of the Lehman Brothers bank!

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for encouraging me to live up to my potential.

13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin the 750 Mile Foreign Policy Expert”

  1. Arbie says:

    Honestly, this girl from My Damn Channel talks just like Palin, check out her vlog because it’s quite amusing:

  2. Mark says:

    I don’t understand why you are wasting so much time, energy, and space on Sarah Palin. Yes, she’s the newest media darling to come along and the news media is covering her from every possible angle. Her favorability rating is high, but I think that’s primarily because she’s a fresh face and Americans love new things. However, by the time the election rolls around in November I would think that her story would be old and the news media will give her about as much coverage as any vice presidential running mate. In the end the contest is going to come down to Obama vs. McCain.

    In the history of presidential elections the choice of running mate typically has little influence over whom people will vote for. Yes, a running mate selected from a particular state can help carry that state in the general election (but not always), but outside of that state few people consider the running mate to be an important factor in their decision.

    I do think, however, that the selection of Sarah Palin by McCain shows a fundamental flaw in his ability to make a sound, thoughtful decision. His campaign was so insistent on McCain having much more experience than Obama, but then he selects a running mate, the person he would place next in line to the office, who has just as little experience as his opponent. McCain has effectively erased the experience argument.

    The selection of Palin was clearly a play to win over the disenfranchised Clinton supporters. McCain must think so little of the voting public (women in particular) to think that they would vote for a ticket that has a female on it over a ticket that would be closer to their own ideals. We’ll see how it all plays out, but I think Palin will end up being more of a burden to McCain than an asset. Once women (especially the Clinton supporters) learn more about Palin’s stance on a series of issues important to them, we’ll see Palin’s popularity drop.

  3. J. Clifford says:

    I’m spending “so much time, energy, and space on Sarah Palin” because she is an extremely serious threat. She is being used to grab voters for John McCain without being subjected to serious scrutiny by the press.

    As long as the McCain campaign restricts access to Palin, we need to push harder to communicate to the American voters about the grave unsuitability of Sarah Palin for the Presidency…

    … yes, not the Vice Presidency, but the Presidency. Sarah Palin is running with the most elderly presidential candidate in history, and the chances are good that John McCain will be dead or incapacitated before 2012. Elect President McCain, and you elect President Palin.

  4. Jon says:

    According to the media CNN and others that the vice president pick don’t matter in elections. What do you think.

  5. J. Clifford says:

    Jon, if the Vice President didn’t matter in elections, then we wouldn’t have a Vice President elected. How much did it matter who was Vice President when Abraham Lincoln was shot? When John Kennedy was killed?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Poor Losing Democrats all your flailing will not help Obama win and your gaffer Biden is helping to take him down asking a man in a wheelchair to stand up. what an idiot, you deserve this for all your derangement against president Bush.

    Oh and Gibson did not know what “the Bush doctrine” was himself (Looking at his notes from his pimple faced director) and it was a broad question, you dummies, he was clearly trying to set Palin up to make her look bad, but it did not work, at worse we have what you premature losing liberals are craying about now, you can talk about it all you like but it did not help you one bit the so called Bush doctrine is 16 Paragraphs and Gibson like all you knuncleheads only focused on one area of those 16 paragraphs the reason Sarah palin asked the question so keep it up the more you fight the more you make her look Good.

  7. Jon says:

    I’m not saying there is no use for a vice precident what i’m saying is that in the general election people don’t vote for a vice president they vote for the canidate who running for president.

  8. Jon says:

    A, name calling will pervent anyone from lissening to reason.

  9. Sam says:

    …Palin Derangement Syndrome….here is yet another example that Palin is clueless on issues about the Russians, but Progressives are not. The average Progressives knows far more about worldly issues than she. The above arguement is so lame, so stupid, it is actually groaping at straws, just so they can use it as an attack. Obama’s vacation tours to Europe didn’t make him a foreign policy expert either, but he get’s a pass.

    Come,on Clifford…you know you have it…admission is the first step of healing…Palin Derangement Syndrome….

  10. Jon says:

    I’ved noticed someone took off posted items of the different topics, !!!way to go free speach!!!.

  11. Jim says:

    Spam was removed. If you consider spam “free speech” on a website paid out the nose for, I suggest you try getting a picture of your John Thomas published in the letters to the editor of your local newspaper. When it isn’t published, stand in front of the publisher and scream “free speech!”

  12. Daryl says:

    Charlie Gibson interview was the typical let’s see how much I can trip them up session that any candidate for the Republican Party has to endure from the liberal media. Any example; Have you every met any foreign leaders? A question obviously designed to make her look unprepared for office. Here is the problem with that whole line of thinking. A governor may meet a foreign head of state, but it would not be as a meeting of equals. A governor does not conduct foreign policy. A governor may meet a foreign head of state but certainly not as equals and NOT TO DISCUSS FOREIGN POLICY, which is the privy of the federal government. So what if Sarah Palin had meet, on occasions, 10 foreign Heads of State? We that mean because of those meetings, “Yeah she’s qualified?” ANY FOREIGN HEAD OF STATE WHO WOULD MEET WITH A GOVERNOR AS AN EQUAL IS HEAD OF A SECOND RATE COUNTRY. Just because a governor had a meetings about some kind of meeting with a foreign leader does not make them qualified to be president.

    A president commands the military. That means he’s responsible for not only our protection from hstile foreigners, but for putting our citizens armies lives in harms way. Should a candidate have military command experience to be eligible to be president? Well, we know there’s only one ticket with any kind of command experience, and only one ticket where the Presidential candidate has every really faced up to hostile foreigners.

    I love the left’s recent attacks on John McCain. “He doesn’t know how to use a computer of email”. The man CAN’T USE A KEYBOARD DUE TO HIS INJURIES WHEN HE WAS TORTURED. You left wing low life’s are attacking a man who was crippled while in serve as a solider in the US Navy. Have you not a shred of decency?

  13. krmyers says:

    As a woman who lives in Alaska, please don’t send Palin back here after she causes McCain to lose the election. Can’t we send her to Russia instead so she could see Alaska and begin to gain some true understanding of this state and its people?

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