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Gabe D. Sums Up the Bush Years

Gabe D. wrote in to us today with a summation of the record of the Bush years and his challenge: should we reward the Republicans for the mess they’ve made marching in lockstep with the Bush disaster parade?

We should be asking. Do the Republicans DESERVE another term after the last 8 years? Should we be REWARDING the Republican party another term considering their performance the last 8 years?

The Bush Years – A Review:

• THE DISASTROUS GOP ECONOMIC AND ENERGY POLICIES – The Exploding 9.5 Trillion National Debt – Inflation/Impending Recession – The Incredible Shrinking American Dollar – The Housing Market implosion – $140 Barrel of Oil – Rising Gas Prices – Rising Food Costs – Stagnant Wages – Rising Unemployment: the worst job-creation rate in modern history – The Volatile Stock Market – Predatory Credit Card Companies – Environmental Denial – The Infrastructure: from Dams to Drinking Water from Power Grids to Hazardous Waste graded “D” by the American Society of Civil Engineers – The Bridge to Nowhere…

• THE IRAQ WAR: An unprovoked, illegal and ill-conceived invasion of a third rate military power based on false information, After 5 years, and counting, it’s turned out to be an incredibly costly, and a seemingly never ending debacle, Costing – $12 billion a month – in access of 4,000 americans killed and 30,000 wounded (10,000 catastrophically) – anywhere from 250,000 to 650,000 Iraqis killed and up to 5 million Iraqi refugees.

• ABU GHRAIB – A national disgrace witnessed by the whole world and documented by thousands of images – some so disturbing as not to be shown. And, let’s not forget Guantanamo Bay, And, the C.I.A.’S secret prisons known as “Black Sites.”

• AFGHANISTAN – A resurgent Taliban and Al Qaeda are responsible for a new wave ot deadly attacks. Half of the population is living below the poverty line and Afghanistan’s health status is among the poorest in the world. Afghanistan provides over 90% of the heroin in the world.

• KATRINA – Another national disgrace broadcast on worldwide TV – The mismanagement and lack of leadership in the relief efforts in response to the storm and its aftermath was verified largely by televised images of visibly shaken and frustrated political leaders and of residents who remained in New Orleans without water, food or shelter.

• FAILED DIPLOMATIC POLICIES – Unilateralism – Cowboy Diplomacy – Declaring the Geneva Conventions irrelevant – Branding Negotiation as “Appeasement. – Declaring Countries “Evil.” – Preaching a “freedom agenda” while undermining domestic civil liberties – Supporting authoritarian regimes in the name of spreading democracy – The Dubai Port Deal

• GOP CORRUPTION AND DISGRACE – Scooter Libby – Jack Abramoff – Tom DeLay – Randall “Duke” Cunningham – Bob Ney – Mark Foley – Larry Craig – David Vitter – Thomas Ravenel – Ted Klaudt – Jeff Gannon – Ted Haggard, to name a few.

• 45 MILLION AMERICANS WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE – 37 million Americans living in poverty (13 million are children) – The Stem Cell Research Veto – The Dismal State of Public Education – The Embarrassing Terry Schiavo Fiasco – Walter Reed Hospital – Importing lead-tainted toys.

• 80% OF AMERICANS DISAPPROVE of the direction the country is going in.


Has Gabe got it right? How would you sum up the Bush years?

6 thoughts on “Gabe D. Sums Up the Bush Years”

  1. Tom says:

    i’m beginning to think that Americans enjoy
    “taking it up the @$$”, since not only did they vote for this clown twice, but look as if they’re considering giving McCain a stab at it. What a sad joke that the Republicans can get away with this ruse while banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies are failing every week, people are being steadily laid off with no job prospects in sight, and their dollar purchases less and less.

  2. Darebrit says:

    To all those who thought that I was nuts eight years ago when i said we were entering the worst period of American social and historic collapse.

    I may well be I am nuts, but I TOLD YOU SO!

  3. Sam says:

    This is horseshit….it would take over 3000 words easy to prove the list above is mostly out of Bush’s control…how out of touch this asshole is on how things really work…well, you all keep believeing it…that’s fine….At least I know that progressives will have less power this year in congress and NO representation in the White House for the next 4 years minimum…amen to that….(sorry for the God speak)

  4. Anonymous says:

    The world is seeing quite clearly that the ‘serial liars’ are actually at the DNC and spread from there all across America.

    The DNC hounds are also playing with chronology and facts again.

    Sarah Palin did not say she ran on a platform of being against the Bridge to Nowhere. What she said was after she looked into the matter closely she declined and decided to not back the project. She ran on a platform of removing the Republican and Democratic Party corruption in Alaska. Folks, she removed that political corruption like an Alaska Brown bear clearing the room and everything in its path. And DC is next.

    The other ‘federal dollars’ they are bitching about over at DNC are the same type of normal federal dollars every state gets because of how DC has empowered itself as the keeper of the purse strings of America. There are military bases in Alaska, and roads, infrastructure, schools, federal programs, etc, etc, etc. In typical DNC Pork Fashion, they buried the PORK BRIDGE in the normal appropriations bills and doling out the money from Washington, DC.

    From what I have seen in looking into the matter, Palin took the Federal funds that all 50 states took (as rightfully due) and then she told them to stick the Bridge to Nowhere project. If anyone can find otherwise, knock yourself out.

    You’ll also have seen above how they want Democrats to sign an ‘online petition’ to demand the MSM add to their battering ram of lies. That folks, is how truly desperate the DNC and Barkyville are. Palin has completely knocked the wheels off Barky’s Little Red Flyer wagon and the paint is peeling fast. I can assure all that Gov Palin is not shaking in her heels that the wants a petition so they can send it to all of the media mouthpieces who would stoop to this Bash Fest of lies.

    Every poll is showing independent voters abandoning Obama-Biden and backing McCain-Palin because of Sarah Palin. That has DNC in a panic over this exodus they richly deserve. That has much of the MSM starting to pay attention to what is really going on here.

    Every poll is showing women voters abandoning Obama-Biden and backing McCain-Palin because of Sarah Palin. The trend line is also clear that even Hillary backers are walking on the slick-talking, do- nothing Barkazoid. In one poll Barky had an 8 point lead. It is now a 12 point deficit, a swing of 20 points in just two weeks with independent voters. This may be an all-time record. I am not aware of any politician ever to lose 20 points in a voter block category in two weeks.

    That is why wants to urge their hatchet corps to up the ante because Sarah Palin is kicking their asses black and blue in all 50 states. The only place that Sarah Palin is not pulling the entire support base out from under Barky is among the Zionist Communists who want to slit America’s throat and turn our nation into a Marxist socialist state. In that matter, the DNC, those Zionist Communists and Barky are all nesting together in the same agenda. These people are not on the American agenda; they are, and have been, engineering the Zionist New World Order.

    A well-known Southern US journalist appeared on the BBC September 10, 2008. He was in London to comment on the race for the White House.

    His comment hit the nail on the head. Even the Southern Democrat Bubbas like Sarah Palin because she hunts and she fishes and she camps and rides a 4WD ATV and she likes guns and she can shoot. They saw the photos and said, “Damn, that is my kind of gal!” This journalist is a liberal and he said he has never in his life seen such a total screw up from the DNC and their candidate for president.

    These elitist snobs in DC just do not get it: Sarah Palin is literally THE All American woman.

    Further, she did not start this pissing match. The MSM and DNC did and they called in every lying scumbag, agent provocateur they could find staff their lie and slander campaign against her.

    The DNC just loves ‘issues’ – except when those issues expose them for who they are. The DNC does not want anyone with three interconnecting brain cells to learn about Barky’s cocaine and gay sex orgy in a limousine with Larry Sinclair who, by the way, has been vetted far more than ANY of the candidates and has acted with more forthrightness and integrity than I’ve seen in many years. Of course, they are avoiding the ‘Sinclair problem’ like the plague.

    It is easy to check into but not ONE MSM journalist in America has had the guts to do so. Look for “Sinclair v Obama” on the front page in the Featured story boxes. It’s all there.

    To his credit, Sinclair has withstood even more of filth than has – so far – been contrived and thrown at Gov Palin. From frequent death threats, to false arrest and clear manipulation of the legal system, to the most violent hate campaign the Barky bloggers could mount, Sinclair hasn’t wavered once.

    I frankly did not believe Sinclair when his story first surfaced, but over time it is adding up. I have listened to Larry Sinclair- Jeff Rense interviews, and I have watched the DNC, Barky and the entire DNC Hate and Spin machine officially avoid his allegations because it is too dangerous for them to even comment on. That the DNC and the formal Barky campaign have avoided even saying one syllable about Sinclair since Jeff Rense broke the story 8 months ago tells me that odds are Larry Sinclair is speaking the truth.

    One does not have to look very far to find out that Biden’s son was actively involved in trying to silence this ‘issue’ and even threatening Sinclair with fake and trumped up charges which could have resulted in life imprisonment. They then tried to cut him a sweatheart plea bargain but Larry told them to take a hike…he made it clear he will never plead guilty to something he did not do.

    The second ‘issue’ is past large, it is colossal. American patriot attorney Philip Berg has filed a Federal lawsuit against Obama about his eligibility to even run for President. The lawsuit has been filed and now served on Obama and the DNC. There has been a motion for expedited discovery and Obama has to respond by September 24, 2008. Those interrogatories and depositions would put both DNC Chairman Dean and Barack Obama on the spot and under oath.

    Now, if that lawsuit has merit and sticks, based on facts and the law, Barky’s bid for fame and fortune is toast. Somewhere Hillary is smiling and watching the proceedings very closely.

    What sort of scam would DNC and their Zionist New World Order backers be trying to pull over on America by putting forth a candidate who is not even qualified or eligible to run? That is a major question and if the answer is what I think it is, the DNC should be barred from the US political process from now on… as in forever. This would be a political party treason against EVERY man, woman and child in the United States in this blood-lust they have to take a big crap on America and turn us all into wards of the socialist state these idiots want.

    If he is not even eligible to run for president, it reveals another major step towards Global Government under the Zionist New World Order in which they would seek to install whomever they please as president of any given nation. They hate nationalism, they hate sovereignty and they hate nations who will not bend to their strong- arm bullying. I am squared off with the DNC because it clearly is anti-American.

    Who does not play along in the US with the Zionist Communist agenda?
    The conservatives and independent voters of America…and that alone is what these communist thugs of the DNC hate most about our country.

    This matter is also easy to check into. On the front page, just look for ‘Obama Lawsuit Update’ in the Rense Featured Stories column. presidency-lawsuit-philip-j-berg-expedited-discovery- september-10-2008-seeks-deposition-of-barack-obama-and-howard-dean-by- end-of-month-jeff-schreiber-explains/ september-9.html

    The Democrats just love to talk about ‘issues’…even though they never do anything BUT talk. (“Just give us control of Congress and we’ll stop the war and bring our men and women home.” Right) When the DNC avoids ‘issues’ I know enough about DC to watch them very closely. They are avoiding the Sinclair gay tryst and crack cocaine matter, and Obama’s eligibility, like someone was standing in front of them with a flame thrower.

    These are two issues that need to be looked into closely and not ignored as the DNC and Barky intend to do. And to it’s everlasting shame, American Journalism (owned and operated by Zionism) has refused to dig into either one of these huge stories.

    As for the email and their petition for ‘media support’ to attack Sarah Palin, well, the first words that come to mind are ‘sheer desperation’…

    Thanks, Charlie Gibson. Despite your and ABC News’ best efforts to ambush her, you confirmed that Palin…just like Sinclair…is not going away.


  5. Darebrit says:

    AS I suspected…The nuts ARE in charge of the nuthouse!

  6. Laura says:

    Karl: Okay, what was your answer? I was lost in a blizzard of words there.

    And Sam: Yes, I’ve heard it from other Repugnants that it’s not Bush’s fault; he’s just “misunderstood” and a pawn of the Republican party that McCain will “clean up.” Well, why has this pawn been in the position of the king?

    And we should elect another one that will have his strings pulled too? Remember, he voted 90% of the time along his party lines, and NOW he’s a “maverick.” Puh-leez. He also didn’t even touch on this “reform” crap until he picked up his show pony. Up until then his platform was that he had more experience.

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