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Abusing Snopes With Sarah Palin Story

There’s a dirty little shell game being played by the Republican Party when it comes to Sarah Palin’s record on banning books. Whenever the fact that Sarah Palin tried to fire the Wasilla librarian after the librarian rejected Palin’s suggestion that she be open to censoring books, the Republicans come on and talk about Snopes.

It’s all a lie, they say. Snopes says so!

First of all, just because the Snopes web site says something is so doesn’t mean that it actually is. A lot of people have falled for the idea that Snopes always gets a story right because, well, it’s Snopes. It’s ironic that they accept what Snopes, supposedly a place of skeptical inquiry with a doubting mind, tells them without question.

But what does Snopes actually say about the Sarah Palin book banning incident? Not much, really. Snopes does debunk one particular email that was sent around recently, claiming to be a list of the books that Sarah Palin requested to be pulled off the shelves of the Wasilla public library.

That email was not genuine. However, that email is not the basis of the story about Sarah Palin and the attempt to fire the Wasilla librarian. The story came from firsthand accounts in Wasilla, and has been backed up by newspaper reports at the time.

Sarah Palin did try to fire the librarian in Wasilla. Sarah Palin did communicate with the librarian about banning books at the library.

Furthermore, at the same time that Sarah Palin, as the new mayor of Wasilla, was communicating with the librarian about banning books, her church was engaged in a similar effort to ban books. The Wasilla Assembly of God church was trying to get books banned from the library and a local book store.

The evidence is strong: Sarah Palin was working to censor books. Yet, the Republicans have pulled the Snopes card, and Snopes doesn’t seem to have investigated very carefully beyond the debunking of a single email.

Keep your eye on the ball. What the Republicans have done by citing a very small disclaimer on the larger story is to get people to focus on a relatively irrelevant detail. It is as if, at a murder trial, the defense team claims that the prosecution’s case is completely inaccurate because, although the defendant was photographed at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon, a lawyer on the prosecutor’s team once said that the defendant was wearing a hat, while the photograph shows no hat.

Are you going to fall for that kind of distraction?

20 thoughts on “Abusing Snopes With Sarah Palin Story”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have never “falled” for anything, maybe you need to read some books.

  2. trish 4 palin says:

    I see, we can trust “Snopes” for all other verifications of truth however now that they have oppossed something your website doesn’t want to believe, they are lieing! Amazing!

    By the way, I would think if Palin wanted a Librarian fired…She would no longer have that job…don’t you? Really???

  3. Hooptie says:

    No, trish, you just demonstrated that you’re another Palin supporter who can’t quite read.

  4. trish4palin says:

    Hooptie: Title of the article is about abusing snopes…this must be the actual distraction.

    Also….I can read quite well, am well educated, hold a very good position within my company and make a very good living! I didn’t get this far in life by not being able to read.

  5. Hooptie says:

    Did you get far in your company by oppossing things? Is that like embossing, or more like flossing? Yes, you’ve got excellent language skills, trishy.

    You obviously either can’t read well, or are purposefully trying not to read well, because the article clearly states that Snopes should not be given the absolute trust that many readers place in the site. You, then, come along and accuse this web site of supposing that every Snopes article is correct, except for the one about Sarah Palin.

    Is yours a company for sloppy thinkers? Is that how you rose to your position of great renown, trishy-poo?

    Also, when you state that Snopes may be “lieing”, I’m wondering how that’s different from lying. Is it a German word I’m not familiar with?

  6. trishy says:

    Wow…I am impressed that you found my misspelled word pooptie-hooptie! It’s not a word I use often and for anything else I use spell check PH! Thanks to computer programs that have dummied down America, I have seen a lot worse on this site than my one word! (Let me guess…you’re a PERFECT DEMOCRAT, right? You don’t use spell check? Congratulations!)

    Also, I guess you could refer to me as an “oppossing” person based on the fact I get to investigate the reasons behind why so many people using government assistance to pay their bills have plenty of money to buy booze, drugs, designer clothes and handbags!!?? I guess that makes me a bit derisive too! What a great democracy!

    Furthermore, I unmistakably understood that THIS WEBSITE’S ARTICLE “clearly states that Snopes should not be given the absolute trust that many readers place in the site” however my comment was allegorical… symbolic of what this site consistently does to the truth. I have yet to see anything on snopes that was not true, have you? Of course, we are now not to trust everything it says…whatever!

    You are obviously an ambiguous, narrow-minded male, however, thanks for the compliment when referring to my “excellent language skills”!…(or was I only supposed to believe part of what you said???)

    Yes…I know I can be a haughty at times however I can take it and give it right back too! Hope you can!

    Enjoy your night!

  7. kevin says:

    Wow…Trashy you realy know who to muck up the facts.

    First the point was that Snopes did get it right, and the republicans are lying about what it said. It’s true that snopes has a post on the email, and its also true that Palin did talk about removing books, and did ask the librarian is she would do it and then DID fire her.

    “By the way, I would think if Palin wanted a Librarian fired…She would no longer have that job…don’t you? Really???”

    Don’t cha no? Let’s see…Palin hands her a letter that says “You’re Fired” and then backs down after the town complains….so it was probably just a show for her fundie friends….

  8. trishy says:

    KKKevin… What a nice word you referred to me as. Trashy, DEFINITELY I AM NOT!!!

    Rowan stated: “Snopes doesn’t seem to have investigated very carefully beyond the debunking of a single email.”

    If this were about Obama…NOTHING would have been said…right???

    AND what a RIDICULOUS analogy to compare a Republican using a disclaimer to
    focus on a relatively irrelevant detail” to the hypothetical murder trial scenario above!

  9. kevin says:

    Oh it must have been a typo…..

    There are eyewitnesses stating the facts. Palin did try to fire her, and did at the same time fire the police chief, whcih she did not rescind.

    Are you saying Palin

    a) was not interested in banning books that offended her fundie base

    b) did not ask the librarian about removing books, or

    c) did not attempt to fire her before doing a flip flop because the town complained?

    because it appears she did all of the above.

  10. nana says:

    I am always amazed at how the Republican Party can dish out, send hysterical emails concerning the opposition, place a ads with blatant lies……but can not take the same back without appearing to be cry babies! Why?

  11. anon says:

    These comments make me all the happier to vote for Palin. McCain gets to come along for the ride, but I’m voting Palin.

  12. kevin says:

    yes of course anon, you would be happier because now you know you are getting a book-banning, rape-victim-hating, wolf-killing theocrat!

  13. Tom says:

    Just curious. How many books were banned?

  14. Tom says:

    And I’m sorry, “rape-victim-hating”. How in the world do you expect anyone to take you seriously. Time to grow up.

  15. Tom says:

    And I’m sorry, “rape-victim-hating”. How in the world do you expect anyone to take you seriously.

  16. Andy says:

    What’s with all the name calling? Shouldn’t we be able to freely speak our mind without being ridiculed by somebody who doesn’t agree with our opinions? I thought this was America, not North Korea.

    Nana – both campaigns have ads with blatant lies. You’re naive if you believe other wise. This is, after all, politics.

    Kevin – no books were banned and she doesn’t hate rape victims. She only had them pay for their medical exam. That’s not hate. That’s crappy policy.

  17. hunting_caribou_barbie says:

    Wow Trish and Tom on here are really scary. They might want to considered joining Palin and Muthee in replacing the bankers, politicians, etal with “good” christians who stomp on python spirits and cast out “witches”. Hopefully they will spend their time praying instead of voting or breeding.

    Rowan’s story is correct and is correctly worded. There is no claim that Snopes is perfect, nor is there one that what is printed here is perfect.

    The story clearly and correctly reports that Palin attempted to get certain books removed from the library. Palin later tries to whitewash it and call it a “rhetorical” discussion. DUH? Get rid of those books—Just kidding!!!

    Palin, according to her own press conference back in the day, demanded letters of resignation from all her deptarment heads and key leaders “as a show of loyalty to her administration”. Thats a quote go look it up.

    Palin did not get the letters of all the posts and subsequently tried to directly fire the Librarian and a couple more people, like her chief administrator. Apparently the librarian was real popular because the city folk there got up in arms and held a couple pretty forceful protests. Palin backed down on the firing.

    one last thing, trish, use that “education” and the “reading” skills you are so proud of and use a dictionary to look up the word allegorical.

    your postings are condescending, derisive, superannurated, jumped up, siddity, racist, self blinding and pathetic but by no means allegorical. In fact saying your postings are allegorical is like saying Moby Dick is a story about a fish.. A gross inaccuracy.

  18. Bob Manes says:

    Is it true that Sara Palin is the Commander in Chief of the 49th missile battalion in Alaska that is in charge of our missile defense systems in that State?

  19. Elle says:

    Actually, the missle defense system is Air Force I think, and not a member of the National Guard, of which she is in charge of.

    Otherwise we would probably be at war with Russia by now if she were in charge.

  20. Omid says:

    I am impressed by anyone that finds a use for such a word as siddity. Do you feel your string of adjectives gives your remark more weight of authority? This whole post has been another ridiculous tempest in a teapot that has done nothing, but stir up anger and poor manners as well as juvenile attacks on syntax, spelling, and understanding of literary devices. This microcosm is only a mirror of our society since anonymity provides much protection for the serrated tongues of people who choose not to speak so vociferously in person.

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