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McCain and Palin Scrape for Ohio Audience

For a couple of days now, the presidential campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin has been sending me e-mails urging me to come to Vienna, Ohio to help demonstrate support for their ticket. If I would sign up online to get a ticket to see their ticket, staffers wrote, that sure would be great.

This afternoon, the campaign got desperate, sending out yet another e-mail appeal explaining that although there were less than 24 hours to go before McCain and Palin’s appearance, not enough tickets (free tickets, mind you) had been claimed to fill up the planned venue and make a good show of things. Please, pretty please, would I ask for a ticket and come to Vienna, Ohio?

They asked so sweetly that I decided to check on my map and make driving plans, if not for the reason they had in mind. I thought this would make a good opportunity for me to interview some McCain supporters and fence-sitters in the audience and find out first-hand what was on their minds.

To my shock, however, I found that Vienna, Ohio is a full 3 hour drive from my home in Columbus. Is the McCain-Palin campaign having to scrape that hard for a crowd in Ohio?

9 thoughts on “McCain and Palin Scrape for Ohio Audience”

  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty much over for the “Palin bump” and they’ve been “overestimating” their crowd numbers of late. (A recent example: the McCain campaign estimated a crowd at 23,000 when the actual count was closer to 8,000 at a rally).

  2. trish4Palin says:

    I don’t desire to go to a campaign however they have my vote and many, many others like mine! Don’t worry… they don’t need your help and it’s far from over! Even on a more liberal site I go to shows McCain ahead of Obama 60 to 40. That was about a half million voters… just on one simple site that pops up on my computer and asks questions! I love it!

  3. Sam says:

    Forget it…I get the same shit from the Obama toones everytime they get with in 200 miles of Charlotte…..

  4. Bob S-K says:

    Trish: ahead 60 to 40 in electoral votes (the only ones that count?) Sources?

  5. GOPFlame says:

    I was at the event today Sport. There were people falling out because the hangar was so crowded with supporters. They literally shook the walls. Great time to be had by all those who truly care about this great nation of ours.
    Too bad you could not make it after the gracious invitation you were given. Your loss friend.
    A truly wonderful event from the opening prayer to the shaking the hand of our next President and Vice President. My wife and I drove from Cuyahoga County and no one begged us to come. We just know a great opportunity when it is presented.

  6. Jim says:

    You just drove all the way over from Cleveland to Vienna, Ohio, without anyone asking you to go there…

    … because the image of Jesus on your morning toast just told you Sarah Palin would be there?

    … because the wind, heading in a ESE direction, whistled the name of John McCain?

    Help me understand. Explain how this new phenomenon works.

  7. sarah says:

    8,000 people on a Tuesday at 1:00pm, with only a couple days notice, would hardly be what I call scraping. Now on the other hand, I would call it scraping and desperate when two democrat legislatures from the Youngstown area said anyone voting for McCain is a racist. I will be voting for McCain because of my common sense and intelligence.

  8. Jim says:



    John McCain and Sarah Palin, together, can only scrape together 8,000 after they sent out requests for people to drive there from across the state of Ohio?

    Besides, it was actually 7,000.

  9. Andrea says:

    I attended the Road to Victory Rally in Vienna. I thought it was pretty impressive that several thousand people gathered in one place on a Tuesday afternoon (when most should/would be at work) to hear a speech that lasted less than an hour.
    I think your headline should read Jim Scrapes for Attention While Ignoring the Facts.

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