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Moko Gone Wild

Back in March, I wrote about the story of Moko, a bottlenosed dolphin living on the shore of New Zealand who became famous because of his friendly way with people and his heroic rescue of two stranded whales.

This winter, and I say winter remembering that New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, where July and August are as cold as it can get, Moko has gone wild. With few people to play with on the beaches around Wellington, Moko has sought to get human attention in other ways – such as pushing a kayaker out to sea and playing around with the buoys on fishermen’s nets as if they were toys.

Has Moko gone bad? No, Moko has just gone wild – as he always was. Bottlenosed dolphins are intelligent and sociable, but they’re not part of our human society, even when they interact with us. It’s a mistake to judge Moko by human standards, whether we like what he’s doing or not.

moko rocks dolphin circle shirt

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