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Sarah Palin and the Thomas Muthee Witch Hunt

Sarah Palin has been linked to a witch hunt. No, not a figurative witch hunt, the kind in which people are made to feel pressured and discriminated against. I’m talking about a real witch hunt, in which a woman is accused of witchcraft by someone seeking political power, and the woman is forced to flee her home in fear of her life.

That’s what one of Sarah Palin’s favorite preachers, Pastor Thomas Muthee, has done.

sarah palin thomas muthee witch hunt video podcastMuthee wanted to get control over the town of Kiambu, Kenya – a place just outside of Nairobi. Not content to set up a church and slowly gain the trust of the local inhabitants, Muthee decided to get publicity and gain political power through a piece of cruel theater.

Muthee chose a local woman named Mama Jane who happened to work as a fortune teller. Mama Jane had never caused much trouble before, but she was an important target for Muthee, because she was a close associate of town’s leaders. Muthee accused Mama Jane of being a sorceress – a witch who was engaging in spiritual warfare to curse to town of Kiambu.

Muthee’s proof of Mama Jane’s witchcraft? There had been three car accidents in the neighborhood of the clinic where Mama Jane worked. That, said Muthee, was sure evidence that Mamma Jane was a witch. So, Muthee got the local population in a panic, and sent three police officers into Mamma Jane’s. They fired their guns, killing one of Mama Jane’s pets.

Then, they arrested Mama Jane and threw her into jail. Muthee made his demand: “Mama Jane either gets saved and serves the Lord or she leaves town!”

When Mama Jane was finally released from jail, she fled town, fearing for her life.

This is the kind of activity that the Wasilla Assembly of God praises when it says of Muthee, “He has established and pastors hundreds of churches in Kenya.” Typical of those who use witch hunts as instruments of power, Muthee is a bully and a thug.

Muthee is also a mentor to Sarah Palin. When Palin was beginning her campaign for Governor of Alaska, she had Muthee pray over her, asking God to make her Governor. On her June 8, 2008 speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God church, Palin suggested that she believes that Muthee’s prayer is responsible for getting her into the Governor’s seat.

Now that Sarah Palin is running for Vice President of the United States, the Wasilla Assembly of God is trying to cover up for her. The church has scrubbed its web site of the sermons Muthee delivered there. Just last month, those sermons were up on the church web site. Now they’re hidden away – why? What is the Wasilla Assembly of God church trying to hide? One of those lectures was entitled How to Benefit From Authority – oh, I bet that Muthee has some real insights on that subject.

If I were one of those journalists hanging out in Wasilla, looking for a scoop, I’d go to the sermons to be given later this month by Pastor Thomas Muthee. Yes, Muthee is coming back to Wasilla. Apparently, witch hunters are very popular at the Assembly of God church.

Muthee will be giving sermons at the Wasilla Assembly of God north campus this Saturday, the main Sunday Service sermon at the church and another sermon at the Teeland Middle School on Sunday, plus three more sermons on Monday.

How much you want to be that the Wasilla Assembly of God doesn’t put those new sermons on its web site?

Why does Thomas Muthee matter? Remember that it’s Muthee who Sarah Palin credits with exerting supernatural influence in order to get her into public office. Thus, Muthee’s moral values and approach to gaining political power are an important insight into Sarah Palin’s own values and approach to political power.

Given Muthee’s atrocious witch hunts, I worry that Sarah Palin’s values are the values of the Salem witch trials.

(Muthee video podcast)

24 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and the Thomas Muthee Witch Hunt”

  1. DARK ENERGY says:

    According to the Wasilla Assembly of God schedule, Pastor Muthee is going to be in Wasilla from the 13th to the 22nd of September…

    Will the media interview the witch finder? I doubt it but I hope so.


  2. Dan says:

    Progressive: Just another word for communist!

  3. Mother Davis says:

    Republican: Just another word for witch hunter?

  4. G Clayton says:

    Well, it seems that the movie and the podcast is not being shown either. Each time I click on it, I get a blank page and a “done” message. Are you being monitored?

  5. J. Clifford says:

    Well, it’s always possible – but go to YouTube, and search for Muthee, and you’ll see the video right there.

    However, the movie comes right up for me. It’s possible the problem is with your Internet Service Provider – or that YOU are being monitored. 😉

  6. LBB says:

    Democrat: Just another word for Morally depraved, baby killing, rumb wranglers. Oh.. wait .. that’s six. Two can play that game. It seems to me that the only ones doing a witch hunt is the liberal media and democrats. Man you guys just hate it when someone takes a stand against your craziness.

  7. Phil says:

    What does the White Christians have to say about the gov. Maybe, she really sold her soul to the Devil.

  8. Hoosier X says:

    Look, it clearly doesn’t matter what goes on at her church or with her pastor. She’s not black and she’s not a Democrat.

    So suck on that, libs!

  9. Maxine says:

    I was watching the news last evening when CNBC brought this up. I was shocked. I am very familiar with the Assemblies of God Church. Have never heard of anything like this happening in that denomination. It may be because he is from Africa – and they could have different view. There are lots of wonderful people in that church. I grew up in it. It was strict (as were many) – and went to their College for 3 years.
    Never heard of any witch-hunting going on.

    I am so sick and tired of all of these smears. I lean toward voting for Obama – but extremely sick of these kinds of smears. This is probably the same thing that happened with the Jeremiah Wright publicity.

    Can’t you guys find something better to do with your time. Something more positive.

  10. J. Clifford says:

    Taking a stand against our craziness… hm, LBB, what would that “stand against our craziness” look like? Would it involve inciting an angry mob to chase us out of town?

  11. Trueblue says:

    I have live video of Pastor Muthee and the Sarah Palin witch hunt. See link below…

  12. katie schwartz says:

    Found you via @suburbanbeatnik on twitter. She twittered me this dish. Un-fucking-believable. I will definitely cross-post it.

    She’s insane, a raging stupid, dangerous nutcase of epic proportions.

  13. Eve says:

    Speaking of Sarah Palin/John McCain « Today’s Breathing Room…
    Sep 22, 2008 … Jamal Bryant Speaks on Sarah Palin

  14. Leith says:

    Muthee needs to loosen his tie before his head explodes… Mmmmm-Kay?

    As a PROUD Witch/Pagan I would LOVE to confront these morons face to face. Muthee needs a Fist to Face confrontation.

    Heil Palin! Nazi Alaska is on the rise!

  15. Mary says:

    The only witchhunt is the one conducted by the Dems and MSNBC…What idiots…He is not her pastor,,,he was visiting. Look up “witchcraft” morons

  16. PG says:

    Here’s the basic problem you’re seeing with the conservatives commenting on this post: they don’t see witch-hunting as irrational, pre-Enlightenment behavior. They believe real, unholy-powered witches with the ability to affect reality exist and that it is righteous to drive them out of town. Check out this 2005 article from World Net Daily, a right wing news publication with a large conservative readership, in which the author praises Muthee’s work in getting rid of a witch who was killing people. To Jim Rutz, if you can turn a town Christian and improve its economy without any foreign aid and just by threatening a woman into leaving, you’re doing the Lord’s work. Muthee’s witch hunting is so famous in certain religious circles that the Christian Science Monitor wrote about it back in 1999, when Palin was still Wasilla mayor.

    These are not C.S. Lewis/ G.K. Chesterton Christians who reach Christianity through reason, nor are they principled conservatives whose conservatism is based in concerns about expansive government. The folks who get angry when Palin’s ties to radicals are revealed are people who are conservative because they believe ambiguously dark forces are out there that can hurt them, and that one must do whatever is necessary to combat those forces.

    Which is all a long-winded way of saying that WF Buckley is rolling over in his grave that Palin is the GOP VP candidate.

  17. Jaime F. says:

    Baby killers? (are you a horror film buff by any chance?) And what the heck is a rumb wrangler? Is “craziness” the term you use to describe anything that you are obviously ignorant of(uneducated about) and do not understand?


    This just in…

    According to a webpage which has been removed from the original site it appeared at but which is cached at Internet Archive, Muthee claims to have cured 23 people of AIDS…

    The claim that Thomas Muthee cured 23 people of AIDS made me laugh when I first read about it but that laughter ended as I came to the grim realization that the false hope he gave those 23 people may have led to exponentially more infections.

    Considering that Sarah Palin believes that Thomas Muthee’s incantations convinced a god to “make a way” for her to be Governor, I have no reason to doubt that she also believes that Muthee can pray the AIDS away.


  19. Guess Who says:

    Thomas Muthee is connected with another interesting church in Sacramento called Radiant Life Church. He is visiting the church this week. Go ahead, do a search on the church and see what you learn.

  20. K says:

    I can’t even finish reading your posting! Do you know this man? I do. He is an incredible man of God. I don’t know Sarah Pallin. We’ll find out who she is, etc. eventually. However, it’s dangerous to speak evil of a Man of God.

  21. Laura says:

    I have to ask all these “religious” people who are under the bizarre notion that Muthee is a good man of God despite his inciting townspeople to torture or even kill: Would Jesus approve of his methods — WWJD? Even when the Bible talks about Jesus casting out demons, does he do that by physically hurting ANYONE? Please do point to a Bible story where he does this, as maybe I might have missed it.

    I’ve also been thinking that maybe this is why the mainstream media has not more prominently publicized Muthee’s ties to Palin. I don’t know, maybe they figured that it would bring more of the fanatics out of the woodwork and make this sort of thinking more legitimate and accepted.

  22. L Jackson says:

    Why didn’t Jesus tell Pastor Muthee (regarding Ms Palin)
    1) To place her baby & young children before her career & husband which is the biblically correct thing to do
    2.)to not lie, slander & manipulate and divide this country
    3)that she was going to cause McCain to lose the election by the biggest landslide since Ronald Reagan

  23. Dutchman says:

    The average European is always shocked to see how medieval America and the average American still are. How can a modern community take itself serious when they keep on mixing up religion with politics? The USA have become the joke of the modern world, but they don’t even know it.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You mean mixing up religion with politics, like banning the wearing of the Muslim burka but not the Christian habit? That just happened in France. You mean mixing up religion with politics, like putting Geert Wilders on trial for the crime of saying things about Islam that upset Muslims? That just happened in the Netherlands. How about state churches? The United States doesn’t have one, but more than a handful of European nations do. When it comes to using politics to make religious edicts, Europe has a worse record than the United States, not a better one.

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