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Americans Willfully Ignorant About Palin

I’m slapping my forehead after reading the results of a poll from the Pew Research Center. The poll asks, “Thinking back over the last week and the reporting of Sarah Palin’s background, do you think news organizations have given this story too much coverage, too little coverage, or about the right amount?”

43 percent said that there was too much coverage.

Only 7 percent said that there was not enough coverage.

It is astonishing to me that almost half of the American people, presented with a vice presidential candidate who has received very little national press attention in the past, and about whom there are huge gaps in information, declare that they wish there wasn’t so much information available about her.

Wherever I push to find more information about Sarah Palin, I find that there are serious questions about her record and background that aren’t being asked by mainstream journalists. There’s only been one major journalistic interview of Palin, and that was a coached, controlled and edited interview. But only 7 percent of Americans want to know more?

I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat or independent. When there’s a politician running for President or Vice President shoved onto the national scene for the first time with just a few weeks to go before the election, you ought to always want more information, not less.

I am terrified that the largest voting bloc in this election is going to be America The Willfully Ignorant.

7 thoughts on “Americans Willfully Ignorant About Palin”

  1. Sam says:

    You call it willfully ignorant…I call it seeing through the bullshit and understanding it better than you want them to….

  2. Jin says:

    Information = bullshit ?

    I guess that’s the Republican approach to government. That explains the disasters of Iraq and Hurricane Katrina.

    Count me as among that 7 percent.

  3. Sam says:

    Where do you get information = bullshit? I wrote seeing through the bullshit and understanding IT better…so twisted in Republican hate you are that you are clueless…completely

  4. Linda says:

    Uh, Sam darling, the poll wasn’t about Irregular Times.

    Why don’t you take a walk and get a breath of fresh air and then try to think again, dear?

  5. Sam says:

    I was able to understand the main post quite well, sweetheart….

  6. Arlene Forbes says:

    Truth be told, there is a considerable amount of media coverage on Sarah Palin. Coverage of re-hashed stump speeches without any real substance on the issues. Let’s face it, The MSNM is the Thrid Party candidate. If they were really doing a service to the public viewing audience, they’d go after the facts and leave it up to viewers to decide on what they think. Too many talking heads on these news stations. On cable, it’s more like entertainment shows where everyone’s plugging their latest books, or spewing their verbage about the candidates without any hint of neutrality. It’s a total disgrace!

    And there’s not much diversity either. Go out among the public and interview folks. Folks of all ethnic backgrounds. These days, the only real venue that folks truly have to give voice to their thoughts and concerns is blogging. Thank goodness!!! Even if some of the bloggers get into the salty language and go tit-for-tat with each other, they have a voice. For better or worse, here’s where you really get to see where folks true states of consciousness are.

    Personally, I don’t care about what the Pew poll or any other polls indicate. I want solid information to make an informed decision. In this age of information, I delight in doing my own research. It’s amazing what treasures await

    by Arlene

  7. Ralph says:

    If this poll didn’t force me into a false dichotomy, I’d be with the 43% AND the 7%.

    We’ve had far too much coverage of Sarah Palin, and far too little of the kind of information we really need.

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