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Hunky Dory Terrorist Attacks in Iraq

Everything is hunky dory in Iraq, the new Republican pre-election line is. Iraq! What a great place to live! Democracy, peace, stability, and great figs!

Never mind that there’s terrorism going on in Iraq. Naw, that doesn’t matter. So what about that suicide bomber who killed over 20 people in Diyala yesterday?

It’s just a sign of security that Iraqis can go on about their business with bombs going off all around them. Yesiree, now that’s real security!

3 comments to Hunky Dory Terrorist Attacks in Iraq

  • Sam

    Isrealis do it…have been for 50 years….Haamas, Al-Queada, Taliban, PLO…all the same…

  • Junga

    So, then, you’re saying that victory in Iraq means arriving in a country where no terrorism is taking place, and leaving that country in the condition of Gaza or Lebanon?

    Oh, so THAT’S what McCain wants for Iraq. No thanks.

  • Sam

    Okay…there was a history in Iraq BEFORE our move into it…and if you want to see it with rose colored glasses…that fine…ignorance is YOUR choice….

    And…um, as for Isreal…they have a nation, decread by the UN. Hamas and PLO have destroyed their own “nation”…(and I use the word nation losely…)and are attempting to destoy Isreal as well…Yom Kipper and 7 Day Wars….Gaza is a disputed territory and Lebanon was destroyed by the Lebanonese themselves in a civial war first…you must have been a infant at the time this was happening….understandable….public school text books are usually written by 60’s hippe throw backs….

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