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Lynching Sarah Palin

I just got done watching a video entitled Lynching Sarah Palin. The weird thing is that the video never actually gives any evidence that anyone is lynching Sarah Palin.

Lynching is when you kidnap someone and hang them from a tree until they are dead. Lynching is what right wing Southerners did to black people for generations, to keep them afraid. Lynching is what ambitious priests have done to women they accuse of witchcraft.

irregular times writerNo one is lynching Sarah Palin.

People are criticizing Sarah Palin. They are opposing her radical politics.

If Sarah Palin can’t take a little criticism, then she doesn’t have the strength required to be Vice President… or President, if the ill and elderly John McCain dies in office.

Sarah Palin can’t have it both ways. She can’t claim to be a pit bull in lipstick, but then turn into a quivering jellyfish the minute someone says “boo”.

28 thoughts on “Lynching Sarah Palin”

  1. mphoenix says:


  2. mphoenix says:

    Btw – That was sarcasm, that comment, but after re-reading it I was disturbingly shocked as to how realistic it sounded. I guess it shows how mentally distorted an apparently large portion of the American people are, considering the movement of the polls. Remember everyone, you can’t criticize Sarah Palin without being a sexist, and surely if we have to protect our poor victimized female potential VP we’ll definitely be much safer when she’s going head to head with Putin for her ridiculous remarks and our pending second Cold War with Russia. I just can’t mentally fathom what people are thinking. I just don’t get it.

  3. kevin says:

    It is well known that black men are violent. That’s why Obama and “assault” are often written together in news articles. Its just a habit and is not racist.

    “Barack Obama and Democrats intensified their assault yesterday on John McCain, accusing him of running a sleazy campaign”

    whereas Saint McCain in only running a “campaign”

    I wonder if charges will be pressed?

  4. Laura says:

    I totally agree with mphoenix — I cannot (nor do I really want to) fathom what people see in her or McCain. You’ve got to have a brain the size of a pea. This is some scary stuff!

    The Repugnants have been running this country slowly into the ground for the past 8 years, and it’s getting worse by the day. When are they going to finally wake up and see things for what they are? Or will be have to wait until we’re like the fallen Roman Empire?

    It just kills me about Ms. Pitbull with Lipstick too — what a delicate flower she is! I say, if she wants to play with the big boys she had better put on her shoulder pads and start rolling with the punches, like Hillary learned to do a long time ago. This woman doesn’t have the balls to help lead this country, let alone the intellect or knowledge. She WAAAY out of her league and is either too arrogant or too stupid and naive to realize it. So are her supporters.

    She puts on a good show of being tough, but she really isn’t. It’s all just a practiced attitude that anyone with an IQ above 70 can see. Anyone with a shred of intelligence can see that all she’s saying is a bunch of sounds bites and run-around answers. Come on, her speeches and answers have been practiced ad nauseum — that’s obvious. Get her out from in front the the teleprompter, and I think we’d see a different picture. That’s exactly why the McCain campaign is keeping her sequestered for so long.

    I mean, think about it! The population of her entire state is barely 700,000. That’s less than 1/4 the population of the city of Chicago alone (approx. 3 million). There are more reindeer in Alaska than human beings! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I really, really don’t think the political competition that she’s come up against so far is anywhere near as tough as she likes to make everyone think.

  5. Zsolt1975 says:

    I think you mean the left-wing Southerners that lynched black people. Let’s get the facts straight.

  6. Sam says:

    You people are realllllly out of touch with us Southern Folk….and I will realllllly enjoy seeing you all just twist and convort yoursleves when McCain gets elected….

    And Laura…does your statement also measn that Wymomig isn’t a “real” state either? Like, because it only has 650,000 in it? How about North Dakota with about the same amount…see how stupid your population point is? How many state Governors are “not really a govennor” because they don’t really have a big population. At this point…she’s far better as a Vice President than a Community organizer AS President.

  7. Laura says:

    Sam — If you can actually read, I never said that she wasn’t “really” a governor or that ND or WY weren’t “real” states.

    But you’re trying to tell me that the political atmosphere in a sparsely populated state with an average of 1.1 people per square mile can even compare to that of even the city of Chicago? You don’t exactly have the machine of the Daley administration running things up there. Come down to Chicago here, we’ll show you how things are done, LOL!

    I think you need some smelling salts to wake you up too. You will wake up when the Repugnants finally run this country completely into the ground. My cold comfort then will be blaming it all on uneducated, scared, and narrow-minded people like you.

  8. Sam says:

    Wait…you mean to tell me that Bush ran the country into the ground and people like Johnson and Carter didn’t? Right…and I need the smelling salts…damn am I gonna be getting the last laugh…

  9. Laura says:

    Sam — During the Carter and Johnson years relatively few people compared to today had investments such as stocks, mutual funds, 401k’s, etc. Most people then used bonds, insurance, and real estate for most of that, not to mention relied on Social Security.

    Now yesterday we had the worst day on Wall Street since 9/11. My own personal investments for at least the past 20 years haven’t been this bad since 2001. And what’s McLame’s solution? Oh, we’ll make COMMITTEES to “figure out” what happened. Sure, that’s how to “shake up” Washington! What an original idea! We need more committees that will take the next 4 years to figure out what the hell happened while everything goes down the tank even further. Smart idea, wise guy!

  10. Sarah says:

    Laura, do you mean the same Chicago that has the highest sales tax of any city in the entire country? Even the “uneducated, scared, narrow-minded” know better than pay the amount of taxes YOU seem to willingly pay. And when my small town hall has a federal investigation of mail fraud or a hired truck scandal, I might be persuaded to examine your point of view. Until then, I’ll just dismiss your ilk as condescending and uninformed, and happy to dance ot the tune of an imperialist. (Yes, Obama would be a GREAT choice for your kind.)

    As to the originator of this thread, jclifford, I take issue with your categorization of McCain as “ill and elderly.” (Bet he could kick YOUR ass.) And if you weren’t such a self-righteous bigot, you’d know that it wasn’t only in the South that lynching was done. It was done all OVER this country with great fervor. The South didn’t was not the solitary participant of that unfortunate practice.

  11. Laura says:

    P.S. to my last post >> Oh, and I know who will head up McLame’s economic committees: it’ll be Miss Alaska 1st Runner Up herself! I’m sure she’ll “shake things up” as a “Washington outsider” with plenty of original ideas that she’s been fed to recite from her handlers.

    And Sarah — So who is uninformed? Actually, Gatlinburg, TN (where I visited a few months ago) actually has higher sales tax than Chicago. They have 11% there — I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself — so your point is incorrect. I guess then you have to be a redneck to pay THAT much!

  12. soleil10 says:

    Words can kill.
    That is what this website is about. Your whole reasoning in your post is to justify that it is OK and convince us and yourself that it is not what you hope to achieve.

    I will not be your accomplice.

    Keep lynching the witch without me.

  13. Jim says:

    Criticizing the political behavior of Sarah Palin will kill her? I had no idea!

    Then goodness gracious, if you care about her at all you will not vote for her.

    If on the other hand, soleil10, you’re throwing a dramatics act by pretending that our criticism of Sarah Palin’s political behavior will somehow kill her, then you should try a new act. It’s not convincing.

  14. Sarah says:

    They only charge that much to Yankees, Laura. *smiling sweetly*

  15. Laura says:

    The whole point of this thread to begin with was the supposed “lynching” of Palin. My point still remains that Washington is not going to (nor should they) give her any special treatment just because she’s a woman, or she’s new to the game, or any other reason.

    Again, if she wants to play with the big boys she’d better put on her shoulder pads and start rolling with the punches. Washington is an even tougher political arena than Chicago. It’s not some backwoods little town from a sparsely populated state where her competition is slim to none. She should stop saying that she’s a “pitbull with lipstick” then switching to whining and wanting apologies when it suits her to appear the victim. Jim’s right, it’s not convincing.

  16. Sam says:

    Gatlinburg? 11%? I drive that area alot visting my daughter up at Fort Campbell KY many times and visited that area many times as well. Are you sure you read the sales tax as 11% or did you use Chicago math to figure that out…

  17. Sam says:

    So Hillary should get no special treatment beacuse she’s a woman either…how about Pelosi….I remember Albright got some….did she count? Oh! How about Ginsberg?

  18. Laura says:

    Yes, honey, it is 11% in downtown Gatlinburg. When we looked at our receipt for our purchase, there were a few local people standing right next to us as well as the store clerk. We asked them what their taxes are in there. They looked at us sheepishly and THEY all told us it was 11%. It might not be quite as high in Pigeon Forge or the surrounding areas.

    Not that this has anything to do with the original thread…

    And what ARE you talking about with Hillary, Pelosi, etc. They EARNED their shoulder pads a long time ago the hard way. Did Hillary ask for an apology when McLame said her plan was a “pig with lipstick” last year?

  19. Jon Handrock says:

    It’ is interesting to me when someone calls Palin’s politics radical..When I went to High School in the seventies they taught almost exactly what Palin practices. Now if you are the product of the radical reinvention of government characterized by today’s left..Socialism. Or should I say the social doctrine of Jesus, minus the salvation issue, then I guess she would be radical. The problem with left concept of fairness and government is that total lack of a consistent moral foundation. Or at least an internally consistent one. As an example.. we now teach our children that we are the product of a random accident know as evolution, which has as one of it’s basic components “survival of the fittest”. Yet they pander to the weakest. As a matter of fact Darwin’s idea’s are one of the foundational concepts that gave life to the Holocaust. Destroy the weak.

    You can’t have it both ways, kill unborn children, because they are not yet human and espouse a social doctrine based on equality. Or someone may call you on it…like me. But then most liberal believe they are the real annointed and only become shrill when you challange that idea, which is why they are trying to “lynch Palin”. The shriller they become the more threatened you know they are….

  20. Anonymous says:

    Um, yeah, which is why Palin’s the one doing the “shrill” whining. Who else is in this race right now complaining about needing an apology for bruised feelings after she talks so tough?

    Keep it on topic please.

  21. Sam says:

    “Earned” their shoulder pads? Please…by what standards is that? Steinhem’s? Get real. Palin was a Mom first then got into Politics, like Pelosi…like Ginsberg….so Palin has to be “down for the sufferage” for awhile to earn those “pads”? How long? What’s the measurement? By whose yardstick? Progressives? Liberal Feminists? Conservative feminists? get the point…it’s all by YOUR standards…which is nothing….

  22. kevin says:

    So the lies get spun again. Jon you are puking up creationist talking points and you don’t even know what they mean.

    “As an example.. we now teach our children that we are the product of a random accident know as evolution” – basic science and its not “random accident” its a series of steps in which animals change and diverge into different species.

    “which has as one of it’s basic components “survival of the fittest”. – not really. its more about “best able to adapt to changing conditons.”

    “Yet they pander to the weakest” – err? breain dead christians?

    “As a matter of fact Darwin’s idea’s are one of the foundational concepts that gave life to the Holocaust. Destroy the weak.” and here is the BIG LIE. don’t you know that Hitler was a CHRISTIAN? and that he was supported by the church?

    Go and watch the dumb Ben Stein movie again…and again…

    You can’t have it both ways, kill unborn children, because they are not yet human”

    okay so non-human cells are killed.

    “and espouse a social doctrine based on equality.” and people should be treated equally.

    “Or someone may call you on it…like me.” Oh great a foaming wingnut.

    “But then most liberal believe they are the real annointed” – snort you are a jerk.

    “and only become shrill when you challange that idea, which is why they are trying to “lynch Palin”. The shriller they become the more threatened you know they are…” and it has nothing to do with stupider and stupider arguments from demented end-of-times facists..

  23. me says:

    I have to ask Sam re. the comments about Carter and Johnson: When they ruined the economy then, the majority of the American people voted them out for something better and a new way of doing things, right? So why aren’t you doing that now? You’re just coming back for more and more of the same garbage. How is it that you’re getting dumber as time goes on, or is it just senility taking over?

  24. Laura says:

    “Earning” those pads has to do with taking the punches again and again from the big boys, still getting up, and not whining for someone to apologize.

  25. Jon Handrock says:

    Thanks Kevin, you just proved my point! Couldn’t have gotten any shriller!!!!

  26. Bob says:

    What’s so geat about Obama. To me he’s very manipulative and talks about himself, and helping himself, and attacks McCain and Palin more than the others do and he plays dirty. Oh wait He’s liberal of course he’s going to play dirty. Apparently you liberals love to critcize us, but when we speak against Obama you call us RACIST and a bunch of bad language and closed minded and stupid. Apparently you only believe in free speech if it agrees with you. Just like the Nazis

  27. The voice of reason says:

    Check out, a completely nonpartisan site that exposes lies in government ads, speeches, books, articles, etc.

    The home page shows 12 entries of campaign lies. Obama’s campaign is on there twice. One of those times they even basically say that Obama’s ad just capitalizes on a quote McLame said back in something like 1994, but doesn’t completely lie.

    In stark contrast, McLame’s is on there a whopping 10 times. He even shows how his campaign deliberately lied in an ad about what reported.

    And Obama is the one who plays dirty? More like McLame has completely dishonored himself. He has sold his integrity to try to get more political power. Hmmm, does that sound anything like George W.?

    As a side note, the Nazis would have put Obama himself in a concentration camp, brainiac, so that’s an inaccurate comparison to put it lightly. You: closed minded, stupid? Why no! “To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!”

  28. HareTrinity says:

    I’m pretty sure the lynching was carried out by the “left wing” of the time too, no? And yet the comments section has wandered WAY away from that…

    Sarah & Laura:

    Taxes are an important part of a working large-scale community, paying more taxes isn’t a sign of stupidity, though it may be related to the amount/condition of schools, roads, criminal justice system, and other things like that.

    Besides, as women shouldn’t we be making some point about how we don’t want to be represented as a weaker sex that is incapable of taking criticism when in an important political position?

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