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Get Witchy with a Palin-Muthee Limerick

Muthee won her the office of Guv
Praying hands brought down might from Above
But Muthee has itches
Hunting ones he calls witches
Fitting Palin like hand in a glove.

Can you sum up the Palin witch craze
In a limerick (not with essays)?
Keep it simple and sweet
In this tale, what’s the meat
To digest in these upcoming days?

5 thoughts on “Get Witchy with a Palin-Muthee Limerick”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Palin asked Muthee, “Do you know
    a way to make me rule Juneau?”
    Just don’t call it a “spell”
    or we’ll land up in Hell,
    like the witches you chase to and fro.

  2. Deacon Barry says:

    This Muthee gets witches detected.
    He makes their life hell if suspected.
    If Palin’s alike,
    (That’s Sarah, not Mike)
    A new inquisition’s expected!

  3. J Field says:

    Sarah Palin went to the church to see
    if witches could be found by Muthee
    No witches were found
    But fanatics abound
    Colbert says this is more than “truthy”

  4. D.Cutler says:

    There once was a Pastor named Muthee
    Whose sermons on witchcraft were truthy
    He blessed Guv’ner Palin
    But now she is failin’
    And You-Tube makes both’ them look goofy

  5. D.Cutler says:

    Dear Sarah I must say it’s thrillin’
    To hear you condem honour killin’
    But if you’re consistent
    You must be resistent
    To stoning of women by villians

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