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Sarah Palin, How Is Stoning Women Feminist?

Mother Davis finds herself between a rock and a hard place as she notes,

Sarah Palin has been called by some a “feminist superhero”. Why?

Is it because Sarah Palin supports feminist policies? No, Sarah Palin opposes them. Does Sarah Palin support feminist leaders? No, Sarah Palin opposes them.

Is it because Sarah Palin is a “strong woman”? Well, Sarah Palin has shown herself to be quite weak, actually, hiding from reporters and complaining when anybody criticizes her.

Besides, if Sarah Palin were a strong woman in opposition to feminism, how would that make her a feminist superhero? A feminist anti-hero, perhaps.

The reality of Sarah Palin’s relationship to feminism has been exposed at its rotten core by Palin’s years-long relationship with her spiritual mentor, Thomas Muthee. Muthee is a preacher from Kenya who gained political power there by accusing women of being witches, and encouraging locals to engage in campaigns of intimidation against those women. In the case of Kiambu, Kenya, Muthee agitated the crowds so much that the targeted woman, named Momma Jane, was threatened with stoning if she would not leave town or submit to Pastor Muthee’s authority.

Threats to stone a woman to death? Where does that fit into Sarah Palin’s claim of being a feminist superhero?

Momma Jane ran away in fear of her life, and with good reason. Not recently, women in the areas where Thomas Muthee works have been burned alive because of accusations of witchcraft. In one case, eight woman and three men accused of witchcraft were burned by angry mobs. Those numbers show the illustration. When bullies like Thomas Muthee pick their targets, they’re usually women.

Anyone who does the slightest bit of research into the background of Thomas Muthee discovers this information about his violent campaigns against women. If Sarah Palin didn’t know, then she’s made herself purposefully ignorant, and that’s a problem in itself.

Sarah Palin submitted herself to Thomas Muthee in 2005, when Muthee laid hands on her and, according to Sarah Palin, gave her the power to become Governor of Alaska. Given the history of Thomas Muthee in campaigns of violence and intimidation against women, Sarah Palin has some explaining to do to women voters in America.

Would she support or tolerate such abuses against women if she became President of the United States? How can she excuse Muthee’s behavior? Does Sarah Palin really believe that there are evil witches using their magical powers to hurt people?

Sarah Palin’s close relationship with Muthee calls into serious question the quality of her judgment and the modernity of her education. Sarah Palin has denied the reality of global warming, doesn’t believe in education, would return reproductive health to the state it was in 100 years ago, and associates with people who go hunting for witches.

For women who live in the 21st century and not in the Dark Ages, Sarah Palin is an unacceptable choice.

Shaking off her moss,
Mother Davis

15 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, How Is Stoning Women Feminist?”

  1. DARK ENERGY says:

    A picture of Sarah Palin’s former pastor Ed Kalnins and Bishop Thomas Muthee posing with books donated by MorningStar Ministry…

    MorningStar Ministry is the ministry where a Becky Fischer worked as pastor before starting up the militant cult featured in the movie Jesus Camp.

    What an odd and sinister network of zealots we have stumbled on.


  2. Sam says:

    Oooooo…like the Godless as a whole isn’t a sinister bunch….

  3. HareTrinity says:

    Woah, people are being burnt on suspected witchcraft? This year? That’s crazy…

  4. me says:

    this are all lies

  5. Mother Davis says:

    This? This are?

    The article is based upon what Muthee’s own supporters say about his activities. So, “me”, I think you’d better substantiate your claim with some actual information, and not just mere assertion.

  6. wondering says:

    Mother Davis, Would you be willing to cite your sources? You mentioned that anyone who does the slightest bit of research will verify these things. I did more than a slight bit and didn’t find verification, except for bloggers’ opinions. I’d be interested to hear more.

  7. Mother Davis says:

    wondering, it’s really easy. There are multiple sources from Muthee’s own supporters. For example:

    Keep in mind that this is just one of multiple accounts, and it’s from someone who supports Muthee.

    Search smart, and you’ll find it. Did you see this morning’s video on Irregular Times, with all the talk about protecting Sarah Palin from witchcraft?

  8. incognitotd says:

    yes, if you REALY are interested in verifying sources just google Palin/Muthee. there are many “Christian” sites to go to to read about Muthee. His link to Ted Haggard’s church, his urging Christians to violence, His laying of hands on Palin, his boasting about persecuting the woman in Africa. Or just google Muthee You’ll have your fill.

  9. susieq133 says:

    I find it very interesting that “EVERY” site that attacks Bishop Muthee also endorses and sells Obama “stuff”.
    I’ve heard the Bishop preach on many occassions. He does not promote violence of any kind. When he talks about warfare, it is about Spiritual warfare. He once said, “Spiritual warfare is standing for what Jesus died for.” His message is one about the love of Jesus. I just find it sad that people who don’t like Gov Palin are trying to pull her down by attacking him.

  10. J. Clifford says:


    Mama Jane actually now reports that she received death threats from Thomas Muthee, and that he urged his followers to pray for her death.

    Plus, Muthee is whipping up anti-witch paranoia, which actually HAS led to deaths in the areas where he has churches.

    Your professions of faith need to meet hard reality.

  11. Elle says:


    When has reality ever had anything to do with faith?

    Gee J. Clifford, who do you think you are talking to?

    like get real!

  12. susieq133 says:

    This is taken from an article on this site:
    Mama Jane still lives in Kiambu when the above article says,”she ran away in fear of her life.” What else has been distorted?

    Kenyan Who Blessed Palin Chases Witches at Home
    Run Date: 10/12/08
    By Zoe Alsop
    WeNews correspondent
    Sarah Palin’s Kenyan pastor has made a name crusading against witches and particularly cherishes his victory over Mama Jane Njenga, whom he claims to have run out of his town. But Mama Jane is still there, in her own church just down the road.

    She says she didn’t own a pet python and she’s never left her compound, located about a half-mile from Muthee’s immense new church. Last week Women’s eNews spoke to her there, next door to the Superkid Solid Foundation Faith in Every Footstep daycare center just off Kiambu’s main street.

    “If I am bad, why haven’t people attacked me?” Njenga says, in the first interview she has given to the media. “Why haven’t they burnt this building down? That is what people here do to witches.”

    “The only miracle Muthee has done is to chase away Mama Jane,” she says with a booming laugh. Robust and topping six feet in the trademark shiny white robes of her church, Njenga is undeniably still in town.

    But she does remember being called a witch.

    “When Muthee came, he took a loudspeaker into the street and he told people to pray for seven days that I would die,” Njenga says. “If I was not known in the town, I could not have survived even to put my children through school.”

  13. susieq133 says:

    Correction: I found this info through the search on this site. Below is where you can find the entire article.

  14. Jim says:

    We wrote about this last week. Clearly, Muthee is a fraud.

  15. Elle says:

    “Clearly, Muthee is a fraud.”

    Of course, and how is he any different than any of those other so called “holy men” who preach on the TV and hold those massive rallies in mega-churches.

    Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, and so on and so forth.

    “Would you buy a used Savior from this man?”

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